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2000 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Outstanding Master's Thesis

  • Devry S. Boughner, "The Economics of 2-Tier Tariff-Rate Import Quotas: An Empirical Application to the United States Dairy Industry," Cornell University, Harry de Gorter, Advisor
  • Isabelle Schluep, "The Law and Economics of 'Consumer Only' Financed Export Subsidies: A Context for the WTO Panel on Canadian Dairy Pricing Policy," Cornell University, Harry de Gorter, Advisor

Honorable Mention

  • Yin Xia, "Technology Structure and Productivity Change in the U.S. Meat Products Industry," Oregon State University, Steven Buccola, Advisor

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation

  • John Cranfield, "Aggregating Non-Linear Consumer Demands - A Maximum Entropy Approach," Purdue University, Paul Preckel, Advisor
  • Stijn Reinhard, "Econometric Analysis of Economic and Environmental Efficiency of Dutch Dairy Farms," Wageningen University, Geert Thijssen and A.J. Oskam, Advisors
  • Jonathon Keith Yoder, "Wildlife on Private Land: Contracting Over Wildlife-Inflicted Property Damage and Abatement," North Carolina State University, Gerald Carlson, Advisor

Distinguished Teaching

Less Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Frank Dooley, Purdue University

Undergraduate Teaching, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Raymond Folwell, Washington State University

Graduate Teaching Award, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Jeffrey Williams, University of California - Davis

Distinguished Extension Program


  • Timothy Kelsey, Pennsylvania State University, "Local Taxes and Our Community"


  • "Managing Risk and Profits" - More than 30 faculty and staff in 13 universities and companies participated. The institutions and directors are: Iowa State University, Robert Wisner; The Ohio State University, Dean Baldwin, Cameron Thraen and Norman St-Pierre; University of Wisconsin, Robert Cropp and Kevin Bernhardt.

Distinguished Policy Contribution


  • Ralph Heimlich, USDA/Economic Research Service, Washington, D.C.

Quality of Communications

  • David Orden, Robert Paarlberg, and Terry Roe, "Policy Reform in American Agriculture Analysis and Prognosis," Copyright 1999 by The University of Chicago Press.

Honorable Mention

  • Gerald C. Nelson, Timothy Josling, David Bullock, Laurian Unnevehr, Mark Rosegrant, and Lowell Hill. "The Economics and Politics of Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture: Implications for WTO 2000," (with Julie Babinard, Carrie Cunningham, Alessandro De Pinto, Elisavet I. Nitsi), Bulletin 809, November 1999, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Copyright 1999, University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

Quality of Research Discovery

  • Robert Innes, "Self-Policing and Optimal Law Enforcement When Violator Remediation is Valuable," Journal of Political Economy, (107, no.6): 1305-1325.

Honorable Mention

  • Joseph A. Herriges and Catherine L. Kling, "Non-linear Income Effects in Random Utility Models," The Review of Economics and Statistics, (81, no.1): 62-72.
  • James N. Sanchirico and James E. Wilen, "Bioeconomics of Spatial Exploitation in a Patch Envirnoment," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, (37): 129-150.

Outstanding Journal Article: AJAE

  • Theofanis Tsoulouhas and Tomislav Vukina, "Integrator Contracts with Many Agents and Bankruptcy," 81 (1999): 61-74.

Honorable Mention

  • Darren L. Frechette and Paul L. Fackler, "What Causes Commodity Price Backwardation?", 81 (1999): 761-771.

Outstanding Journal Article: RAE

  • Steven T. Buccola and James E. McCandlish, "Rent Seeking and Rent Dissipation in State Enterprises," 21, (1999): 358-373.

Outstanding CHOICES Article

  • Jason F. Shogren and John Tschirhart, "The Endangered Species Act at Twenty-Five," Third Quarter, (1999): 4-9.

Honorable Mention

  • Robert Innes, "Regulating Livestock Waste: An Economic Perspective," Second Quarter, (1999): 14-19.

Publication of Enduring Quality

  • Yoav Kislev and Willis Peterson, "Prices Technology and Farm Size." Journal of Political Economy, 90 (1982): 578-595.


  • Julian A. Alston
  • Walter J. Armbruster
  • Nancy E. Bockstael
  • Colin A. Carter
  • Jean D. Kinsey
  • Per Pinstrup-Andersen

Graduate Student Case Competition

  • 1st Place - Auburn University
    • Art Hakobyan
    • Zack Morley
    • Charlotte Ham
  • 2nd Place - University of Florida
    • Aaron Troyer
    • Kara Lynch
  • 3rd Place - Kansas State University
    • Luther Hamman
    • Nancy Mitchell
    • Matthew Domine