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1999 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Outstanding Master's Thesis

  • Gates K. Agnew, U of Arizona, "Linquad: An Incomplete Demand System Approach to Demand Estimation and Exact Welfare Measures", Jeffrey LaFrance, Advisor.
  • Shane M. Sherlund, Utah State U, "Exogenous Shocks and Technical Efficiency Among Ivorien Rice Farmers", Christopher Barrett, Advisor.

Honorable Mention

  • Alice M. Harmon, Purdue U, "Maximum Entropy-based Seemingly Unrelated Regression", James Eales and Paul Preckel, Advisors.
  • Alexei L. Soshnin, Cornell U, "Estimation of Elasticities of Demand for Imported Meat in Russia", Harry DeGorter and William Tomek, Advisors.

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation

  • John Russell Crooker, Iowa State U, "Valuing Environmental Amenities with Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods", Joseph Herriges and Catherine Kling, Advisors.
  • Eleni Gabre-Madhin, Stanford U, "Transactions Costs, Institutions, and Contractual Choices in the Ethiopian Grain Market", Carl Gotsch, Advisor
  • James N. Sanchirico, U of California - Davis, "The Bioeconomics of Spatial and Intertemporal Exploitation: Implications for Management", James Wilen, Advisor

Honorable Mention

  • Thomas Marsh, Washington State U, "Linking Natural Processes to Output Quality in Pest Control: PRLV Net Necrosis in Potatoes?, Ray Huffaker, Advisor Distinguished Teaching.

Distinguished Teaching

Less Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Mary A. Marchant, U of Kentucky.

Undergraduate Teaching, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Carl R. Zulauf, The Ohio State U.

Graduate Teaching Award, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • Oral Capps, Jr., Texas A&M U.

Distinguished Extension Program


  • Lynn Harvey, Michigan State U.


  • Group: Purdue University project, "Food System 21: Gearing Up for the New Millennium", Over 50 faculty and staff in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Food Sciences, Forestry and Natural Resources, and Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Co-Chairs in the Department of Agricultural Economics: Michael Boehlje and Wallace Tyner.

Distinguished Policy Contribution


  • Thomas W. Hertel,for his contribution to the profession as the initiator and leader of the Global Trade Analysis Project, Purdue U.

Quality of Communications

  • Mary Burfisher and Elizabeth Jones, USDA, Economic Research Service, "Regional Trade Agreements and U.S. Agriculture", Agricultural Economics Review, No. 771.

Quality of Research Discovery

  • Matthew Holt and Satheesh Aradhyula, "Endogenous Risk in Rational-expectations Commodity Models: A Multivariate Generalized ARCH-M Approach", Journal of Empirical Finance, 5, (1998): 99-129.
  • Giancarlo Moschini, "The Semiflexible Almost Ideal Demand System", European Economic Review, 42, (1998): 349-364.

Outstanding Journal Article: AJAE

  • Timothy J. Richards and Paul M. Patterson, "Hysteresis and the Shortage of Agricultural Labor", 80, (1998): 683-695.

Honorable Mention

  • Hanan Jacoby and Emmanuel Skoufias, "Testing Theories of Consumption Behavior Using Information on Aggregate Shocks: Income Seasonality and Rainfall in Rural India", 80, (1998): 1-14.

Outstanding Journal Article: RAE

  • James T. Bonnen and David B. Schweikhardt, "The Future of U.S. Agricultural Policy: Reflections on the Disappearance of the 'Farm Problem'", 20, (1998): 2-36.

Outstanding CHOICES Article

  • Sandra S. Batie and David E. Ervin, "Will Business-led Environmental Initiatives Grow in Agriculture?", Fourth Quarter, 1998: 4-10.

Honorable Mention

  • John Mellor, "Closing the Last Chapter on U.S. Foreign Aid: What to Do About Africa", Fourth Quarter, 1998: 38-42.

Publication of Enduring Quality

  • Robert G. Chambers, Applied Production Analysis, Cambridge University Press, 1998.


  • Robert G. Chambers
  • Uma Lele
  • Daniel A. Sumner
  • Normal Whittlesey

Graduate Student Case Competition

  • 1st Place - Kansas State University
    • Scot Daniel
    • Jayson Lusk
    • Darrell Mark
  • 2nd Place - University of Wyoming
    • David Leishman
    • Gary May
    • Dan Alsup
  • 3rd Place - Texas Tech University
    • Jane Bondurant
    • Chris Schrader
    • Wade Polk