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1998 AAEA Annual Award Winners

Outstanding Master's Thesis

  • BRADLEY JEFF BOWLAND, "Marginal Benefits of Trade and Environmental Policy: Valuing Air Pollution and Health in a Developing Country," North Carolina State University, John C. Beghin, Advisor.
  • WILLARD A. DELAVAN, "Valuing the Benefits of Protecting Groundwater from Nitrate Contamination in Southeastern Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania State University, Donald Epp, Advisor.
  • JEFFREY M. PETERSON, "Optimal Design of Voluntary 'Green' Payment Programs to Limit Nitrate Contamination Under Price and Yield Risk," Cornell University, Richard Boisvert, Advisor.

Honorable Mention

  • NICOLE AUDRA ELMER, "The Environmental Effects of Expanded Trade: A Firm-Level Simulation Analysis of Investment in Texas Grapefruit," Texas A&M University, Amy Thurow, Advisor.
  • IBRAHIMA HATHIE, "Political Economy of Pricing Decisions: The Case of Peanuts in Senegal," University of Connecticut, Rigoberto A. Lopez, Advisor.
  • LEE ZIEGLER, "Test of Distributional Assumptions and the Informational Content of Agricultural Futures Options," Montana State University, David Buschena, Advisor.

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation

  • NICHOLAS EDWARD PIGGOTT, "The Benefits and Costs of Generic Advertising of Agricultural Commodities," University of California, Davis, Julian Alston and James Chalfant, Advisors.

Honorable Mention

  • ELIZABETH ROBINSON, "Evolution of Property Rights with Incomplete Enforcement," Stanford University, Jeffrey Williams, Advisor.
  • RICHARD T. WOODWARD, "Sustainability, Efficiency, and Economic Analysis: A Macroeconomic Framework with Microeconomic Implications," University of Wisconsin, Madison, Richard Bishop, Advisor.

Distinguished Teaching

Less Than Ten Years' Experience

  • PATRICK J. BYRNE, University of Florida.

Undergraduate Teaching, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • GARY F. FAIRCHILD, University of Florida.

Graduate Teaching Award, More Than Ten Years' Experience

  • JAMES E. WILEN, University of California, Davis.

Distinguished Extension Program


  • MASTER MARKETER PROGRAM, Texas A&M University, Steve Amosson, Stan Bevers, Jackie Smith, Roland Smith, and Mark Waller.

Distinguished Policy Contribution


  • COLIN CARTER, University of California, Davis.

Honorable Mention

  • C. FORD RUNGE, University of Minnesota.

Quality of Communications

  • TODD SANDLER, "Global Challenges: An Approach To Environmental, Political, and Economic Problems," Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 234 pp., 1997.

Quality of Research Discovery

  • FRANCES R. HOMANS and JAMES E. WILEN, "A Model of Regulated Open Access Resource Use," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 32 (1997): 1-21.

Outstanding Journal Article

  • BOB BAULCH, "Transfer Costs, Spatial Arbitrage, and Testing for Food Market Integration," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 79 (May 1997): 477-487.

Honorable Mention

  • PAUL W. HEISEY, MELINDA SMALE, DEREK BYERLEE, AND EDWARD SOUZA, "Wheat Rusts and the Costs of Genetic Diversity in the Punjab of Pakistan," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 79 (August 1997): 726-737.

Publication of Enduring Quality

  • RICHARD E. JUST, "An Investigation of the Importance of Risk in Farmers? Decisions," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 56 (1974): 14-25.


  • Irma Adelman
  • Hans Binswanger
  • Glen C. Pulver
  • David Zilberman

Graduate Student Case Competition

  • 1st Place - Kansas State University
    • Scot Daniel
    • Jayson Lusk
    • Darrell Mark
  • 2nd Place - University of Wyoming
    • David Leishman
    • Gary May
    • Dan Alsup
  • 3rd Place - Texas Tech University
    • Jane Bondurant
    • Chris Schrader
    • Wade Polk