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2019 SCE Annual Meeting Track Sessions

Prediction, Expert Opinion, and Data in Specialty Crops (joint with Econometrics Section)

The Evolution of the U.S. Beekeeping Industry – The Shift from Producing Honey to Providing Pollination Services amid Elevated Colony Loss (joint with Land, Water, and Environmental Economics Section)

2019 Specialty Crops Published Research Awards

Many thanks to the SCE Award Committee: Hayk Khachatryan, Ariel Singerman, Peyton Ferrier, and Karina Gallardo.

Category 1: Published research with outstanding contribution to the agricultural economics discipline.

Feng Wu, Zhenfei Guan, and Don Hee Suh The Effects of Tomato Suspension Agreements on Market Price Dynamics and Farm Revenue. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2018) 40, 2, 316-332.

Honorable mention
John Bovay and Daniel A. Sumner. Economic Effects of the US Food Safety Modernization Act. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2018) 40, 3, 402-420.

Category 2: Published research with outstanding contribution to industry and transdisciplinary research.

Ariel Singerman, Marina Burani-Arouca, and Stephen H. Futch. The Profitability of New Citrus Plantings in Florida in the Era of Huanglongbing. HortScience (2018), 53,11, 1655-1663.

Honorable mention
Chanjin Chung, Tracy A. Boyer, Marco Palma, and Monika Ghimire. Economic Impact of Drought and Shade Tolerant Bermudagrass Varieties. HortTechnology (2018), 28, 1, 66-73.

2018 SCE Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • Academic Requirements: Publications, Grant Proposals, and Regional Research (Joint with GSS)
  • Sustainable production practices, consumer feedback, and policy implications (Joint with CWAE)
  • The Convergence of Policy Issues in Produce Research: Labor/Mechanization, NAFTA, and the Food Safety Modernization Act

2017 SCE Section Track Sessions

  • Industry Readiness for the Food Safety Modernization Act: Results from Three Food Safety Surveys (Joint with FAMPS)
  • Challenges Impacting Economic Sustainability of Specialty Crops (Joint with LAS)