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2022 Track Session

  • The Elevated Role of Competitive Grants in Measuring Faculty Success and Funding Department Operations, 

2021 Track Session

  • Addressing Challenges with the Supply of MS and PhD Agricultural Economists

2018 Track Session

  • Growing Gulf between Grad and Undergrad Programs in Agricultural Economics

2017 Track Session

  • Professor's of Practice: Future Rock Stars or Worker Bees (Joint with TLC)

2016 Track Session

  • The Use of Academic Performance Metrics when Evaluating Faculty, Programs, and Departments

2015 Track Session

  • Community and Rural Economic Development (CRED) and Agricultural Economics Departments - How Do the Two Fit?

2014 Track Sessions

  • Identifying Standards and Assessing Performance for Undergraduate Programs in Agricultural Business (Joint with TLC)
  • Developing smarter metrics: quantifying outcomes and impacts from interdisciplinary efforts

2013 Track Sessions

  • Increasing Information Literacy for Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Undergraduate Students (Joint with TLC)
  • Measuring and Valuing the Collaboration of Agricultural and Applied Economists in Research, Teaching, and Extension (TAFT)