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Track Sessions

2013 Track Sessions

  • Risk, Risk Perception and Behavior (Joint with IBES)
  • Price Risk and Price Volatility: Implications for the Developing World
  • Current Issues in the Federal Crop Insurance Program (Joint with AFM)
  • Risk Modeling for Extension Economists (Joint with EXT)

2012 Track Sessions

  • Practical Issues of Agricultural Insurance Programs in Developing Countries
  • Advances, Updates, and Practical Issues in U.S Crop Insurance Premium Rating Methods (Joint with AFM)
  • Managing Assigned Risk in Food: Mitigation and Indemnification (Joint with FSN)
  • Transforming Climate Information for Production Decision-making: the U2U Project (Joint with Extension Section)
  • Is Subsidizing Farm Crop and Revenue Insurance Economically Justified? (Invited Paper)(Joint with Senior Section)

2011 Track Sessions

  • The Economics of Health Risks and Disasters
  • Can Government Really Make Agriculture Less Risky?
  • Economics Consequences of Risk for Participants in Beef Cattle Markets

2010 Track Sessions

  • Copulas: How to Better Model Dependent Random Variables (Joint Session with Econometrics Section)
  • Managing Risk through Livestock Disease Policy
  • Risk Issues at the Interface of Extension and Research (Joint Session with Extension Section)
  • New Developments in Crop Insurance and Their Implications for 2010 and Beyond

2009 Track Sessions

  • Frontiers of Agricultural Risk I
  • Frontiers of Agricultural Risk II