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AAEA Annual Meeting

2018 Africa Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • Innovative approaches to measuring resilience and food security in sub-­-Saharan Africa (Joint with INTL)
  • Ex-Ante Evaluation of the Quality of Index Insurance Contracts (Joint with AFM)
  • Analyzing multidimensional change:  Rasch modeling and related indicators of international development (Joint with INTL)
  • Using population grids to define rural areas (Joint with Senior)
  • Can Africa’s Agricultural Sector Face the Future with Small Farms? (Joint with INTL)
  • Recent developments in using choice experiments to elicit producer and consumer preferences in Africa (Joint with Senior)

2017 Africa Section Track Sessions

  • Rapid agri-food system transformation in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from processed food inventories in Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Tanzania (Joint with International)
  • Who Is Food (In)secure in the U.S.? Explaining Differences across Households (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Does size matter? Revisiting the inverse farm size-productivity hypothesis in sub-Saharan Africa (Joint with International)
  • Food Prices and Price Volatility in Africa South of the Sahara (Joint with COSBAE)
  • Leveraging big data for studying resilience to weather variability, sub-national poverty and nutritional deprivation in sub-Saharan Africa (Joint with International)
  • Agricultural Extension in SSA: An overview of new approaches (Joint with International)

2016 Africa Section Track Sessions

  • Agri-Food System and Structural Transformation in Africa
  • Frontiers of Agricultural Transformation: What has changed? (Joint with INTL)
  • Are poor soils a blessing or a curse? Estimating the relationships among soil quality, agricultural productivity, and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (Joint with INTL)