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2018 AFM Annual Meeting Track Sessions

  • Ex-Ante Evaluation of the Quality of Index Insurance Contracts (Joint with Africa)
  • How Cooperatives Create Value and Differential Economic Impact (Joint with AEM)
  • Tax Policy and Agriculture (Joint with EXT)
  • Agricultural Derivatives: Insights into Market Participation (Joint with ARA)

Aditya Khanal, Tennessee State University
2018 Outstanding Young Scholar Award

Todd Hubbs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Todd Kuethe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2018 Outstanding Research/Quality Communication Award

Allen Featherstone, Kansas State University
2018 Publication of Lasting Impact Award
(not pictured: Timothy Baker, Purdue University, co-recipient)

2017 AFM Section Track Sessions

  • Revisited Debt Renegotiation for Farmers: View from Farm Mediators and Survivors of the 80's (Joint with ARA)
  • Management in Tomorrow's Digital Agriculture (Joint with AEM)
  • U.S. Distillers' Grains Industry Analysis (Joint with AEM)
  • Lending in Troubled Times: The Role of the Federal Farm Safety Net (Joint with ARA)

2016 AFM Section Track Sessions

  • Behavioral Economic Insights in Agricultural Finance and Farm Asset Markets (Joint with IBES)
  • Monetary Policy and Implications for Agriculture
  • Applications of Financial Engineering in Agriculture (Joint with ARA)

2015 Track Sessions

  • Lending in Volatile Times
  • Current Issues in Cooperative Finance

2014 Track Sessions

  • Non-standard risk contracting in agriculture and fisheries (Joint with ARA)
  • Role of Credit in Economic Performance of Rural Areas (Joint with CRENET)
  • Overcoming Barriers to Entry: Factors Affecting New Venture Success in the Agri-Food Sector (Joint with AEM)
  • Empirical Studies on Risk in Agricultural and Ecological Systems (Joint with ARA)

2013 Track Sessions

  • Comparing ARMS to Farm Management Association Data: Implications for Data Analysis and Research
  • Current Issues in the Federal Crop Insurance Program (Joint with ARA)