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February 2015 Issue 4

February 2015, Issue 4   
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Meet AAEA’s 2015 Fellows

The AAEA Fellows Selection Committee has selected 6 outstanding members to be honored as AAEA Fellows. In this release of The Exchange, we will learn about Jayson Lusk and how he is shaping the future of the Association and the field of agricultural and applied economics as a whole.

Meet AAEA 2015 Fellow: Jayson Lusk
Jayson Lusk is a Regents Professor and a Willard Sparks Endowed Chair in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University. After earning a BS in Food Technology from Texas Tech University in 1997, he received a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University in 2000. He held previous faculty appointments at Mississippi State University and Purdue University. His research primarily focuses on food and consumer economics. He has extensively studied the merits of new survey and experimental approaches for eliciting consumer preferences, and has written on a wide assortment of topics such as animal welfare, genetically engineered food, obesity, and meat quality. Since 2000, he has published more than 150 journal articles, including several of the most cited papers in the profession. In 2007, Lusk co-authored a book on experimental auctions and co-authored an undergraduate textbook on agricultural marketing and price analysis. In 2011, Lusk released a book co-authored with Bailey Norwood on the economics of farm animal welfare and also co-edited the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Food Consumption and Policy. His most recent book is The Food Police.

In the next issues of The Exchange, you can learn about another of the 2015 fellows with a detailed biography of achievements in their career. You can also read about them by searching for our hashtag on Facebook and twitter: #MeetAAEA2015Fellows.

Other 2015 AAEA Fellows are:
C. Peter Timmer, Harvard University
Ariel Dinar, University of California, Riverside
Alan Olmstead, University of California, Davis
J. Edward Taylor, University of California, Davis
James MacDonald, USDA Economic Research Service

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Note: The Exchange is now distributed bi-weekly. The People Section will continue to be bi-monthly and is scheduled to next appear in March 2015. Click here to view the most recent People Section from Issue 2.