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February 2015 Issue 3

February 2015, Issue 3   
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President's Column

February 2015

The AAEA Executive Board enjoyed a very productive gathering at the recent ASSA meetings in Boston. The Board made several important decisions that will impact the future of the association. Participants at the 2015 T. W. Schultz Lecture were treated to an outstanding presentation by Professor Emily Oster of Brown University. AAEA had several prominent invited paper sessions that will certainly lead to outstanding published papers in the AJAE.

I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to update the membership on some recent accomplishments achieved through efforts undertaken by the current and past Executive Boards. As you undoubtedly know, we have been engaged in a long-run strategic planning process. A major focus of these planning efforts have been on communication strategies for the association and its members. It is not an understatement to say that most of us (myself included) stop short of effectively communicating the outcomes of our research, teaching, and outreach efforts to a wider general audience. This “failure to communicate” has important consequences for the long-run viability of many of our programs. Important funding decisions may be impacted by ill-informed policymakers. It is hard to emphasize the value of our efforts and outcomes without communicating the fundamentals of our work to those outside of our narrow spheres of influence.
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