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January 2017 Issue 1



2017 Call for Abstracts: Selected Presentation Papers and Posters

AAEA seeks submissions for Selected Presentations for the 2017 AAEA Annual Meeting in Chicago. Selected Presentations are a submission category that represents both Selected Papers and Selected Posters. All submissions are reviewed and accepted together, and only after acceptance are the submissions designated as a paper or poster. At the time of submission, individuals will have the option for their submission to be considered as a poster-only. There is no paper only option.

Abstracts must be received by Thursday, January 12, 2017, and should be submitted using AAEA’s online Abstract Management System. Material previously presented at other meetings cannot be accepted, and the submitting author will be asked to verify that the material has not been presented elsewhere. To submit an abstract, please make sure that you are a 2017 AAEA member or be ready to pay the submission fee of $25. You can renew your AAEA annual dues via the “My Account” section on the AAEA website.

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2017 AAEA Annual Meeting:
Award Nominations
Award Nominations are open for submission now through February 9. Award winners will be recognized at the 2017 AAEA Annual Meeting in Chicago, during the AAEA Awards and Fellows Ceremony. Learn more about each annual award and how to submit a nomination at

Call for Proposals:
Organized Symposia
AAEA seeks submissions for Organized Symposia for the 2017 AAEA Annual Meeting in Chicago. Proposals are due by Thursday, January 12, 2017, and should be submitted using AAEA’s online submission system.
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2017 AAEA Annual Meeting in Chicago:
Hotel Information
AAEA invites you to take part in our 2017 AAEA Annual Meeting in Chicago, July 30- August 1, 2017. Our meeting will be taking place at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile located in the heart of the Windy City. Surrounded by the best theatres, shopping, dining and entertainment around, this is an ideal location. This is an event you are not going to want to miss. Make sure to register for the event early as rates will be increasing.
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Other News

French Association of Environmental and Resources Economists

May 11-12th, 2017, BREST
The workshop will focus on the practical aspects of using market-based instruments in the implementation of environmental and resource management policies. Presentations are welcome that draw from a range of policy domains, including but not limited to greenhouse gas emissions, the protection of air quality, management of groundwater extraction, protection of water quality, regulation of access to fisheries resources, regulation of marine aquaculture, biodiversity conservation as well as the management of recreational activities. The aim of the workshop is to confront experience from different fields, favoring lessons learned from past and current developments in the implementation of market-based management regimes. Research from multiple perspectives will be accepted, including micro- and macro-economic dimensions, political economy as well as legal, political and ecological dimensions.
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6th Conference of the Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA)
Call for Papers
June 15-16, 2017; Piacenza, Italy
Economics and Politics of Migration: Implications for Agriculture and Food: Two key factors have recently contributed to place migration issues at the center of the economic and political agenda. Firstly, the weaker economic prospects and the cuts in public spending due to the recession have increasingly contributed to make immigrants be perceived as competitors in the labor market and in the welfare state, rather than as a resource. Secondly, the refugee crisis, with the number of migrants seeking for asylum in Europe reaching a level not experienced since the mid-1990s, creates alarming tensions and un-coordinated reactions by the EU countries, revealing the fragility of EU institutions.
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Call for Papers and Symposia
NAREA 2017 Annual Meeting

Selected paper sessions, organized sessions, and a poster session allow scholars to share their current research. We are also experimenting this year with discussion symposia. We welcome submissions in all areas of environmental, natural resource, and agricultural economics. Submission Deadline: February 10, 2017.
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2017 EAAE in Parma, Italy:
Call for Contributions
Agri-food systems in Europe and elsewhere often face conflicting incentives and signals arising from markets and society, and need to make trade-offs. Sustainability advocacy groups are putting societal concerns like animal welfare, food safety, cultural heritage, food sovereignty, and carbon footprint on the agenda of policy makers and stakeholders in the food value chain. However, there are many challenges to overcome, especially when more sustainable food systems face conflicting goals, and households’ purchasing decisions are mainly price driven.
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