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March 2014
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Coming to the Minneapolis Meeting

Renowned Plenary Speakers

Expect a fantastic set of plenary speakers in Minneapolis this July! Our Keynote Speaker on Sunday night is Brian Wansink from Cornell University. His thinking, research, and public policy work at the intersection of behavioral economics and nutrition will kick off the meeting. On Monday morning, Barry Goodwin of the University of North Carolina will deliver the Presidential Address. Then on Tuesday morning, Kathy Segerson of the University of Connecticut will make the Fellows Address, focusing on how differences in individual and group behavior influence research and public policy. Finally, on Tuesday at 6 p.m., the Galbraith Forum Committee, chaired by Tom Wahl, is pleased to announce that Jean Tirole of the Institut d’Economie Industrielle will present the 2014 Galbraith Lecture. I look forward to sharing hearing these speakers with you and to the conversations these speakers start. Read More>>


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