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Value of Membership

Julie Caswell chatting with fellow attendees at the 2008 AAEA & ACCI Joint Annual Meeting, which was held in Orlando, Florida.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is essential to building a professional reputation.

AAEA membership offers a way to establish professional and personal contacts within the agricultural and applied economics field. AAEA offers specialized sections with interests and opportunities to serve with colleagues on committees.

Members of the Association meet each summer at the AAEA Annual Meeting. The AAEA Annual Meeting attracts over 1,000 agricultural and applied economists from around the world. Other opportunities for involvement are the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) Annual Meeting, regional projects and symposia. Members are able to present research, attend general sessions, and network at these events.

Reputation building for most professional economists comes through focused visibility in a target group.

AAEA allows members to make memorable and lasting impressions on fellow economists at meetings. Opportunities to present research findings to peers in sessions during meetings can advance reputations. AAEA gives the opportunity to meet other  national and international professionals who can serve as outside reviewers for professional work, successful promotion and tenure cases.

Members are able to propose presentations for meetings and submit manuscripts for publication in AJAE, AEPP and Choices.

AAEA President Otto Doering presents the Quality of Research Award to AAEA members Aaron Smith and Colin Carter, both of University of California, Davis.

Outstanding Publications

AAEA membership includes electronic subscriptions to:

Professional Recognition

Professional success depends on professional recognition.

AAEA takes pride in recognizing outstanding contributions at the AAEA Annual Meeting. As an AAEA member, you are eligible to win several awards that recognize your work in:  

  • Teaching
  • Extension
  • Policy Contribution
  • Communication
  • Research Discovery
  • Publication of Enduring Quality

AAEA offers these awards to honor graduate student research:

  • Outstanding Master’s Thesis
  • Doctoral Dissertation

AAEA also recognizes a small group of professionals each year who have made outstanding contributions as Fellows of the Association.

Two members discussing a Poster at the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting.

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

The AAEA Trust has several special purpose funds that support scholarships, mentor fellowships and travel grants. The Trust offers opportunities for members to receive funding for their research and professional development. The AAEA Trust supports programs to:

  • increase membership
  • enhance member involvement
  • stimulate new fields of endeavor for AAEA

Shape the Future

AAEA has adapted over 100 years to serve the needs of its members. Members can shape the future of AAEA by:

  • electing officers
  • serving as leaders of sections
  • participating on committees that determine the content of meetings or the professional achievements honored with awards

Specialized sections organize and develop individual areas of expertise. Service in these capacities contributes to networking and professional reputation.

Join AAEA or Renew Your Membership

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