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W. Michael Hanemann

W. Michael Hanemann is an unparalleled contributor to the field of agricultural and applied economics. He is best know for his contributions to the quantification of environmental amenities economics, but he has also made exceptional contributions to the economics of climate change, the economics of water, and the economics of environmental management under uncertainty. Hanemann’s intellectual contributions have inspired countless dissertations and journal articles, and he has mentored influential and outstanding scholars. Hanemann has made crucial contributions to critical policy debates, and has an outstanding record of service to the profession and society. He is currently the Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Goldman’s School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.

His work consistently appears in top economics journal including American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Hanemann has close to 8,000 Google citations, six papers with more than 500 citations, and about 20 with more than 100 citations.

Awards recognizing Hanemann’s excellence in the field include the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists Publication of Enduring Quality Award in 1999, AAEA Quality of Research Discovery Award in 1990, Inaugural Fellow of AERE in 2006, and Lifetime Award for Outstanding Achievement from the European Association of Environmental & Resource Economists in 2008.