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Timothy E. Josling

  • Professor Emeritus, Food Research Institute, 2002-present, Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for International Studies, 1994-present, Convenor, European Forum, 1997-2003, Director, Center for European Studies, 1993-1996, Co-Chair, International Relations and International Policy Studies Programs, 1992-1994, Professor, Food Research Institute, 1978-2002, Stanford University
  • Professor of Agricultural Economics, 1974-1977, University of Reading
  • Reader in Applied Economics, 1973-1974, Lecturer in Economics, 1968-1973, Assistant Lecturer, Economics Department, 1968, London School of Economics
  • Ph.D. 1967, Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
  • M.Sc. 1965, Agricultural Economics, University of Guelph
  • B.Sc. 1963, Agriculture, Wye College, University of London
  • CAES M.Sc Thesis Award, 1965
  • AAEA Ph.D Thesis Award, 1967
  • Minnesota Prize for Distinguished Trade Policy Contribution, 1990
  • AAEA Excellence in Communication Award (runner up), 2000
  • Chair, Executive Committee, International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium, 2003-present

Tim Josling has devoted his career to the study of agricultural policies and their interaction through the trade system. He made important policy contributions in the 1970s to the debate on the accession of the UK to the European Community, to the development of measures of the transfers inherent in farm policies for the FAO, and to the debates about international commodity stabilization schemes. In the 1980s he worked on issues related to the GATT Uruguay Round and the negotiation of the Agreement on Agriculture.

More recently he has been instrumental in expanding the debate about agricultural trade to include issues of state trading, of sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, and of trade remedies. Currently he is working on the continued reform of agricultural trade rules and the implications of regional and bilateral trade pacts.

Tim has taught at the London School of Economics, the University of Reading and Stanford University. He was a Professor in the Food Research Institute from 1978 until its closure in 1996. He has been responsible for the European program of the Stanford Institute for International Studies.

He has been active in a number of professional organizations and is presently Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium.