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John M. Connor

  • Director, LECG, LLC, May 2008–present
  • Professor and Associate Professor, Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics, 1983–present
  • Senior Fellow, American Antitrust Institute, 2009–present
  • Board of Advisers, American Antitrust Institute, 2003–present
  • Adjunct Professor, Instituto Economica Agro-Alimentare, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza, Italy, 1992–present
  • Lead role, "Fair Play in the Marketplace," a film produced by the American Antitrust Institute and Filmmakers Collaborative, awarded 2007 Silver Telly Award and 2007 CINE Golden Eagle
  • Honorable Mention, Jerry S. Cohen Charitable Trust Award (with Robert H. Lande), American Antitrust Institute, 2006
  • Jerry S. Cohen Charitable Trust Writing Award, American Antitrust Institute, 2002
  • Board of Editors, Agribusiness: An International Journal, 1998–2007
  • Visiting Professor, Nationalekonomiska Institutionen, Åbo Akademi University, Åbo (Turku), Finland, 1994
  • Distinguished Extension Program Award, (with others), AAEA, 1993 and 1999
  • Quality of Communication Award (with co-authors in 1985), AAEA, 1985 and 2002
  • Board of Editors, Review of Industrial Organization, 1983–1989
  • Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress, Task Force on Postharvest Food Technologies, 1983–1984
  • Distinguished Policy Contribution Award, AAEA, 1980
  • Honorable Mention, Quality of Communication Award (with co-authors), AAEA, 1980
  • Agricultural Economist and Head of Food Manufacturing Research Section, USDA-Economic Research Service, 1976–1983
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Agricultural Economics, 1976–1979
  • PhD, Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1976
  • MS, Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1974
  • MAMRD, Agricultural Economics, University of Florida, 1974
  • AB (cum laude), Boston College, Mathematics, 1965.

Early in his career, John Connor’s research on industrial organization and the food marketing industry has earned him international acclaim in academe and among policymakers. He has authored 14 books and monographs, and more than 200 other papers, journal articles, and presentations of empirical research on a variety of controversial topics and policy-relevant issues in the food industries.

In the late 1990s, Connor turned his attention to quantitative and policy-relevant research on international cartels. Since then, he has authored more than 40 journal articles and book chapters, 130 other publications, and 80 formal speeches on price fixing, antitrust, and forensic economics. Connor’s expertise on international cartels and antitrust earned him multiple awards and a leading role in the documentary "Fair Play in the Marketplace" produced by the American Antitrust Institute and Filmmaker’s Collaborative.

In addition to his research projects and teaching commitments, Connor is frequently called upon to act as a consultant for law firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. He has acted as a reviewer for dozens of economics journals and has been an active member on multiple committees and panels for many groups. Since 1983, he has taught in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University.