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Dermot James Hayes

  • First Class Honors in Agricultural Science, June 1981 University College Dublin
  • Ph.D., 1986 U.C Berkeley
  • Professor of Economics, Iowa State University, since 1996
  • Professor of Finance, Iowa State University, since 1999
  • Pioneer Chair in Agribusiness, Iowa State University since 1999
  • Leader Policy Task Force, Plant Science Institute, ISU since 2001
  • Recipient of 2006 AAEA Publication of Enduring Quality Award for "Valuing Food Safety in Experimental Auction Markets" American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1995 by Dermot Hayes, Jason Shogren,; Seung-Youll Shin, and James Kliebenstein
  • Recipient of the 2005 ISU J. H. Ellis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Introductory Teaching, a University level award for excellence in teaching undergraduate introductory classes
  • Listed in the 4th Edition of Who's Who in Economics as one of top 6% of the most cited economists for work published from 1990 to 2000
  • AAEA Distinguished Extension Program - Group for "Managing Risk and Profits," 2000

Dermot Hayes is a Professor of Economics and a Professor of Finance at Iowa State University. He holds the Pioneer Hybrid International Chair in Agribusiness. He obtained his Bachelors in Agricultural Science from the University College Dublin and a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Dermot has authored or co-authored more than seventy peer reviewed journal articles on a wide range of topics in agricultural economics. His current interests involve the use of intellectual property rights in agriculture both as a way to encourage private sector research and to incentivise farm groups to create branded products. He has also developed an interest in understanding how the biofuel revolution will change world agriculture.