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People Section

Arizona State University

  • New Appointments: Fei Qin, Post-Doctoral Scholar; Vikrant Kamble, Post-Doctoral Scholar
  • Return from Leave: Timothy J. Richards, University of Sydney
  • Resignation: Lauren Chenarides

Auburn University

  • Appointment Changes: Adam Rabinowitz, Associate Professor; Jian Rong, Senior Lecturer
  • Awards: Dennis Brothers, NACAA, National Finalist Award in Search for Excellence in Farm and Business Management; Wendiam Sawadgo (co-author), AAEA, Outstanding Choices article; Wenying Li (co-author), Food Safety and Nutrition Section of AAEA, Best Paper Award
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Eugene Adjei, PhD, Post Doc, University of Saskatchewan; Yousef Alkilany, PhD, Post Doc, University of Missouri
  • Honorary Position: Ruiqing Miao, Associate Editor, Natural Resource Modeling, 2023-2026

Colorado State University

  • Awards: Dawn Thilmany, AAEA, Fellow; Hayley Chouinard, Denver Business Journal and the Colorado Farm Bureau, Who’s Who in Agriculture – Honoree; Jo Smeby, Denver Business Journal and the Colorado Farm Bureau, Who’s Who in Agriculture – Rising Star; Samantha Ayoub, Farm Foundation, Agricultural Scholar; Samantha Ayoub, AAEA, GSS Policy Communications Competition Winner
  • New Appointments: Chenarides, Lauren, Assistant Professor; Magnan, Nicholas, Associate Professor; Woerman, Matthew, Assistant Professor 
  • Appointment changes: Alessandro Bonanno, Professor; Joshua Berning, Professor; Dawn Thilmany, Director of USDA Northwest and Rocky Mountain Regional Food Center
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Nathan Palardy, Assistant Professor, University of Florida, Department of Food and Resource Economics; Skylar Schuck, Analyst, Colorado Governor's Budget Office
  • Returns from Leave: Becca Jablonski, Fulbright Scholar sabbatical year in Wales
  • Retirements: Norm Dalsted

Florida A&M University

  • Appointment Change: Michee Lachaud, Associate Professor
  • Award: Daniel Solis, Florida A&M University, Research Excellence Award 2023
  • Honorary Position: Michael Thomas, Emeritus Professor,  Florida A&M University

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • New Appointments: Maria Kalaitzanodakes, Assistant Professor, Economics of Food Policy; Gerald Mashange, Assistant Professor, Ag Finance & Risk Mgmt; Tapiwa Sigauke, Teaching Assistant Professor, Foundational Fin Planning; Ailie Elmore, Instructor, Personal Fin Planning; Meredith Blumthal, Instructor, Food & Agribusiness Mgmt
  • Appointment Change: Sarah Janzen, Associate Professor on Indefinite Tenure
  • Awards: Joe Janzen, AAEA, Distinguished Extension and Outreach Program Award; Angela Lyons, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of ACES, 2023 Senior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching; Craig Lemoine, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of ACES, 2023 John Clyde and Henrietta Downey Spitler Teaching Award; Sandy Dall'erba, 2023: Martin Beckmann Best paper award; Yilan Xu, American Council on Consumer Interests, Richard L. D. Morse Mid-Career Award
  • Returns from Leave: Sandy Dall'erba; Yilan Xu
  • Leaves: Peter Christensen, Stanford, Sabbatical AY 2023-2024; Gary Schnitkey, Illinois Corn Growers Association, Sabbatical AY 2023-2024
  • Resignations: Amy Ando; Michel Robe

International Food Policy Research Institute

  • New Appointments: Asraul Khan, Research Analyst; Olufemi Popoola, Research Analyst; Parviz Khakimov, Senior Research Fellow/Country Program Leader, Tajikistan; Marilia Magalhaes, Senior Research Analyst; James Allen IV, Associate Research Fellow; Pierre Mamboundou, Associate Research Fellow; Solange Zawadi, Country Program Manager; Monali Gupta, Research Analyst; Nada Shokry, Research Associate; Ke Kou, Research Assistant; Sonali Katoch, Research Analyst; Alixandra Underwood, Research Analyst; Nicholus Zaw, Research Analyst; Payal Soneja, Research Analyst; Jose Luis Torres Chavez, Research Analyst; Kenneth Strzepek, Senior Research Fellow; Rishabh Mukerjee, Research Analyst; Jodel Pierre, Project Manager
  • Resignations: Francisco Barba; Phoo Pye Zone
  • Award: Charlotte Hebebrand and Joseph Glauber, AAEA, Quality of Communication Award

Kansas State University

  • Awards: Jason Bergtold, AAEA, Presidential Recognition Award; Brian Briggeman, AAEA, Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program, More than 10 years of Experience; Brian Briggeman, Gamma Sigma Delta, Outstanding Teaching Award; Allen Featherstone, Kansas State University, University Distinguished Professor; Dan O’Brien, WAEA, Outstanding Extension Career Award; Edward Perry, AAEA, Honorable Mention: Outstanding American Journal of Agricultural Economics Article Award; Jesse Tack, SAEA, Outstanding JAAE Article Award; Jesse Tack, WAEA, Outstanding Published Research Award; Ukraine-Russia Project (Allen Featherstone, Antonina Broyaka, Dan O’Brien, Gregg Ibendahl, Brian Briggeman, Glynn Tonsor, Jude Kastens, Guy Allen, and Rich Llewelyn), WAEA, Outstanding Extension Project Award; Nelson Villoria, MapBiomas, Distinguished MapBiomss Research Award; Watler Ac Pangan, Priyanka Sharma, Catherine Obiribea Ofori-Bah, Lonnie Hobbs Jr., and Manoj Sharma, IFAMA, 1st Place, Graduate Student Case Study; Justin Bina, Gamma Sigma Delta, Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Research Award; Hunter Biram, SAEA, Outstanding JAAE Article Award; Lonnie Hobbs, Jr., Kansas State University, Presidential Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching; Lonnie Hobbs, Jr., AAEA, TLC Graduate Student Teaching Award; Lonnie Hobbs Jr., Gamma Sigma Delta, Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Teaching Award; Lonnie Hobbs Jr., Kansas State University Alumni Association, Robinson Family Multicultural Leadership Awards; Adetola Lamidi, MANRRS, 3rd in the Graduate Research Poster Contest; Francis Tsiboe, WAEA, Outstanding Published Research Award
  • New Appointments: Lonnie Hobbs, Jr., Assistant Professor

University of Minnesota

  • New Appointment: Danielle Becker, Associate Librarian, Waite Library
  • Awards: Marc Bellemare, AAEA, Fellow 2023; Misty Heggeness, University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics, Outstanding Alumni Award; Jim LeVoir, University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics, Outstanding Alumni Award; Scott Cordes,  University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics, Outstanding Alumni Award

University of Missouri

  • Retirements: Randall Westgren, 15 years of service; Michael Cook, 34 years of service; Raymond Massey, 28 years of service

Purdue University

  • Appointment Changes: Joseph Balagtas, Professor; Todd H. Kuethe, Professor
  • New Appointments: Joseph Balagtas, Interim Director, Center for Food Demand Analysis & Sustainability; Brady Brewer, MS/MBA Program Director; Bernhard Dalheimer, Assistant Professor in Macroeconomics & Trade; Chad Fiechter, Assistant Professor in Agribusiness Finance; Laura Montenovo, Assistant Professor in State & Local Finance; Jake Ricker-Gilbert, Interim Associate Department Head; Carson Reeling, Interim Graduate Chair; Guy Tchuente, Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods in Spatial Analysis; Nicole Olynk Widmar, Interim Department Head
  • Awards: Holly Wang, AAEA, Fellow; Valentin Verdier and Carson Reeling, AAEA, Quality of Research Discovery Award; Valerie Kilders and Vincenzina Caputo, AAEA, IBES Best Paper Award; Haden Comstock, AAEA, Outstanding Master’s Thesis; Elizabeth FraysseFei Qin, and Yi Wang, AAEA, USDA AMS-GSS Competition Local Food Economics Data Visualization Challenge (in-person), 1st place; Xiaoqi Wang, Mohammad Rezoanul Hoque, and Eugene Nuworsu, AAEA, USDA AMS-GSS Competition Local Food Economics Data Visualization Challenge (virtual), 1st place; Margaret LippsmeyerYingxin Tan, and Diamila Kane, AAEA, AEM-GSS Case Study Competition, Top-3; Ken Foster, Purdue University College of Agriculture, Student Choice Award and Spotlight Educator Award; Nicole Olynk-Widmar, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Best Reviewer More Than 7 Years Experience; Ariana Torres, Michael Delgado, and Maria Marshall, Small Business Institute, 2023 Matthew Sonfield Research Award

Texas Tech University

  • New Appointment: Yuyuan Che, Assistant Professor
  • Awards: Nathan Holtman, AAEA, Outstanding Master’s Thesis; Nathan Holtman, WAEA, Outstanding Master’s Thesis

Virginia Tech

  • New Appointments: Nicolas Legrand, Research Assistant Professor; Pedro Queiroz, Instructor; Le Wang, Professor and David M. Kohl Chair; Chunbei Wang, Associate Professor
  • Award: Klaus Moeltner, AAEA, Distinguished Teaching Award Graduate Teaching- Ten of More Years’
  • Retirements: Mary Marchant, 34 years of Service; David Orden, 39 years of service