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Government Relations & Washington Update

January 2022

Congress Completes FY2023 Omnibus Appropriations Package
On December 19th, Congressional leaders released the details of an omnibus appropriations package to fund the government for fiscal year 2023.  The agriculture portion of the package provides discretionary funding of $25.48 billion and includes some increases for agricultural research.

Economic Research Service
The omnibus provides $92,612,000 for the Economic Research Service (ERS). The agreement includes $3,000,000 for costs associated with the second round of USDA's National Household Food Purchase and Acquisition Survey and $500,000 to establish a honeybee economist position to adequately inform USDA disaster, conservation, forage, research, and other programmatic efforts to support the specialty crop and honey industry supply chains.

National Agricultural Statistics Service
The package provides $211,076,000 for the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), of which $66,413,000 is for the Census of Agriculture. The agreement maintains funding for the Cost of Pollination survey, the Floriculture Crops report, and for NASS to coordinate with AMS for activities related to expanding organic price reporting and organic data collection. The agreement also maintains $2,000,000 to expand the existing geospatial program.

National Institute of Food and Agriculture
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture receives $1.701 billion, an increase of $64 million over fiscal year 2022. This includes $455 million for the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), a $10 million increase over last year.  For the first time, funding will be allocated to the Research Facilities Act, with $2 million provided to make competitive grants for agricultural research facilities.  While this is a very small number relative to the national infrastructure needs, it will allow NIFA to move forward with establish programs and procedures under the authority.  The package also includes $1 million to further build out the planning and management structure of AGARDA and hire staff.

Agricultural Research Service
The Agricultural Research Service is funded at $1.74 billion, an increase of $111 million over fiscal year 2022. The package also provides $74,297,000 for ARS Buildings and Facilities and $58,000,000 for previously funded facilities that have incurred cost overruns.

Below is a summary of key accounts:

ACCOUNT               FY 2022 FINAL          FY 2023 President    FY 2023 Omnibus

ERS                               $87.8 million               $99.5 million               $92.6 million

NASS                            $190.1 million            $217.4 million            $211 million

OCE                              $27.2 million               $32 million                  28.2 million

ARS Salaries                 $1.633 billion             $1.9 billion                  $1.736 billion           

ARS Buildings              $127.8 million            $45 million                  $132.3 million

Hatch                           $260 million                $265 million               $265 million   

AFRI                             $445 million                $564 million                $455 million   

Smith Lever                  $320 million                $320 million               $325 million

Additional Information on the Omnibus Package: