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February 2023, Issue 4

AAEA Deadlines    

March 5, 2023

May 12, 2023

May 24, 2023



Announcing the Incoming Editors for AJAE

Congratulations to our incoming editors:

Nicholas Magnan,
University of Georgia
Christian Langpap,
Oregon State University

Their duties will begin January 2024.

Call for submissions: AAEA invited paper sessions at the 2024 ASSA Annual Meeting

President-Elect Rudy Nayga is soliciting proposals and suggestions for AAEA invited paper sessions at the 2024 Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, January 5-7, 2024. The objective of AAEA sessions at the ASSA Annual Meeting is to share new knowledge of interest to economists. The AAEA encourages sessions that will draw widely from ASSA attendees, including sessions jointly sponsored with other ASSA member associations.
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Call for Papers on Machine Learning, Big Data and Applications in Applied Economics

We invite submissions to a special issue on “Machine Learning and Big Data Applications in Applied Economics”, in the journal Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (AEPP). With this special issue, we aim to extend the evidence based on big data and machine learning (ML) methods across a wide range of academic disciplines and industry sectors, including the agricultural sector, food value chains, and nutrition applications.
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Preview of AAEA 2023 Annual Meeting Workshops

Registration will open in March; registration is required for all workshops. Additional details for each workshop coming soon

Pre-Conference Workshops
Saturday, July 22, 2023

  • BEER Section Craft Industry Tour
  • US Agricultural and environmental policy: opportunities and challenges
  • Numerical Methods in Agricultural Economics
  • Understanding and utilizing USDA’s Economic Research Service trade data
  • Conferencing Like a Pro: Strategies for a Successful Conference Experience

Post-Conference Workshops
Wednesday, July 26, 2023

  • Extension Section Agricultural Tour
  • Bayesian Econometrics and Machine Learning
  • Publishing Applied Economic Research on Health and Nutrition

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Announcing the 2023 Extension Competition for Graduate Students
2023 AAEA Annual Meeting

The AAEA Extension Competition for Graduate Students provides an opportunity to develop and/or get feedback on programs that communicate research and practical information to Extension (usually non-economist) audiences.  Entries can be based upon graduate student research for a thesis, dissertation or other academic work. The competition is sponsored by the Extension and Graduate Student Sections.
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Other News

Water Economics and Policy Journal: Call for Papers: Special Issue on Economic Impact of Climate Change on the Water Sector in MENA and Northern Mediterranean Countries

Climate change in MENA countries as well as Northern Mediterranean countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Southern France) has already made an evident impact affecting rain-fed agriculture as well as surface water reservoirs, aquifers’ natural recharge and cities. Crop varieties and tree species currently under cultivation in the Southern Mediterranean would progressively be appropriate in the North Mediterranean farming systems for adaptation. Rain is becoming more sporadic and more intensive with fewer number of rainy days, higher temperatures and longer summer months, leading to crop area shrinkage and increased need for water desalination. Hence, the increased water scarcity is affecting all the economic sectors (agriculture, water utilities, industry, tourism and the environment) and driving a higher demand for water, including for adaptation purposes. Domestic urban and rural water are under increased stress/variability and water service failures/interruptions are becoming more frequent causing social discontent. Although quantitative technical-physical climate impacts are quite abundant, the lack of economic value tags attached to such studies makes them less valuable for policy consideration and undertaking the necessary shifts and adaptations. Previous economic impact studies based their adaptation measures on deficit irrigation for instance, however data is showing that aquifers are under high stress and cannot be used for such a purpose. Similarly, surface water reservoirs’ storage capacity is negatively affected by siltation caused by the more torrential sporadic intensive rains reducing the supply of water and increasing the supply uncertainty. This special issue of Water Economics and Policy aims to bridge this gap.
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Special Issue in Food Policy: Transforming Global Agri-Food Value Chains

This special issue of Food Policy invites research papers that contribute to our understanding of the complex relationships between agri-food value chains, trade, domestic and international policies, and global value chains (GVCs). Recent socioeconomic and political events (e.g., COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine War) challenge conventional wisdom regarding the structure and importance of agri-food GVCs, raising the need for new research. The transformation of agri-food GVCs is necessary for addressing some of the global challenges identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We encourage studies that address various aspects of the issues facing agri-food GVCs and their impact on various socioeconomic outcomes, such as food safety, consumer nutrition and health, employment and wages, and technology spillovers. We welcome submissions based on diverse approaches and methods (e.g., empirical and qualitative analyses, simulation models, case studies, and systematic reviews). We welcome submissions from various relevant disciplines, including applied economics, food systems science, transportation sciences, and other sciences, provided the studies are accessible to scientists from different disciplines.
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Announcing New Scholarships for Experimental Economics Workshop

We are excited to announce that the AAEA Trust is providing scholarships for 20 participants of the Workshop on Survey Design & Experimental Methods in Applied and Agricultural Economics. For a full list of scholarships click here: It is acceptable to apply for all scholarships.
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Workshop in “Survey Design & Experimental Methods in Applied and Agricultural Economics”

The workshop will cover theoretical and practical knowledge regarding surveys and experimental methods. In addition, delegates will be familiarized with state-of-the-art software, and will design their own practice experiment through hands-on training.

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