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People Section

University of California, Davis

  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Qi Wu, Ph.D., Xingnong Young Fellow, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China; Xinda Ying, Ph.D., Finance and Economics Department, Export-Import Bank of China 

Florida A&M University

  • Retirement: Michael H. Thomas, Ph.D., 22 years of service

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Appointment Change: Renata Endres, Professor, College of ACES, Department of ACE


  • New Appointments: Anuj Srivastava, Regional Policy Advisor, Asia Region; Rui Mao, Nonresident Fellow; Xuan Chen, Research Analyst; Yohannes Gebretsadik, Associate Research Fellow; Taoyi Sun, Research Assistant; Nadia Koyratty, Associate Research Fellow; Ezaboo Beniwal, Research Analyst; Shreya Ray, Research Analyst; Anne Timu, Associate Research Fellow; Amy Margolies, Research Fellow; Ryan Nehring, Associate Research Fellow; Christine Mwangi, Research Officer; Esther Waruingi, Research Officer; Kriti Sharma, Research Analyst; Sonali Singh, Senior Research Analyst; Upeksha Hettiarachchi, Research Analyst
  • Resignations: Antoine Bouet; Simrin Makhija; Nishmeet Singh; Peter Goldstein; Bastien Koch

University of Minnesota

  • Returns from leave: Rodney Smith

University of Missouri

  • Appointment Changes: Harvey S. James, Interim Director, Division of Applied Social Sciences & Professor Agricultural & Applied Economics; Matthew Sveum, Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Agribusiness Management
  • Resignation: Joe Parcell

West Virginia University

  • New Appointment: Julian Hwang, Assistant Professor