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People Section

Colorado State University

  • New Appointments: Holli Campbell, Instructor in Ag Education; Dessa Watson, Instructor in Ag Education; Rebecca Cleary, Post-Doctorate
  • Awards: Nathan Clark, Colorado Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association Distinguished Service Award; Alessandro Bonanno, School of Global Environmental Sustainability-CSU, Enhancing Community Well-being through Horticulture and Design; Alessandro Bonanno; Best Paper in the European Review of Agricultural Economics; Andrew Seidl, School of Global Environmental Sustainability-CSU, Resident Fellow; Dale Manning, et al Water Research Team, Water Center Competitive Grants-CSU, Quantifying the scope and impact of permanent agricultural dry-up due to rural to urban water transfers; Marco Costanigro, et al, Northern Colorado Sustainable Systems Analysis Network; Global Challenges Research Team, School of Global Environmental Sustainability-CSU; Jesse Burkhardt, Water Center Competitive Grants-CSU, Water Faculty Fellow; Jesse Burkhart, Amanda Countryman, and Dale Manning, Quarterly OVPR Investment Funding-CSU, Assessing the Global Economic Impacts of Predicted Fishery Decline; Ellie Naasz, Wilson Ogg, and Brittany Boggs, Food Distribution Research Society, 18th Annual Case Study Competition, 2nd place, 2017

University of Georgia

  • Position Taken by Recent Graduate: William Thompson, PhD, Economist, IDinsight
  • Honorary Positions: Esendugue Greg Fonsah, External Examiner, University of Ghana, December 1 – December 10, 2017

University of Guelph

  • New Appointments: Yu Na Lee, Assistant Professor – Agribusiness; Sylvanus Afesorgbor, Assistant Professor - Agri-food Trade
  • Leaves: Alfons Weersink, 2017-2018; Brady Deaton, 2017-2018
  • Visitor: Henry An, Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Visiting Associate Professor, 2017-2018

University of Idaho

  • New Appointment: Ashlee Carlson, Area Extension Educator
  • Retirement: John Foltz, 26 years of service

International Food Policy Research Institute

  • Awards: Shenggen Fan, Fudan Premium Fund of Management (China), 2017 Fudan Management Excellence Award; Mateusz Filipski, 9th China Agricultural Economic Review (CAER) – IFPRI Annual Conference, Best Conference Paper Award

Kansas State University

  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Ana Claudia Sant’Anna, Post-Doctoral researcher, The Ohio State University; Candice Wilson, Fellow, U.S. Grains Council; Christian Torres, Market Analyst, Cattle Fax; Steven Ramsey, Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University

University of Kentucky

  • New Appointment: Barry Barnett, Professor and Chair
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Didier Alia, PhD, Research Associate, University of Washington; Shaheer Burney, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut; Bo Chen, PhD, Associate Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University; Madeline Dant, MS, Risk Management Specialist, Diversified Services; Xiaowen Hu, PhD, Statistician, University of Delaware; Yves Ilunga, MS, Quality Control, Amazon; Markus Lang, MS, Financial Analyst, Sapient Consulting; Jerrod Penn, PhD, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State Univeristy; Jessica Richard, MS, Agricultural Econonmics PhD program, Oklahoma State University; Mohammad Soltani, MS, CEO/Owner, SANA LLC; Stephanie Waters, MS, Account Manager, Neogen Corp.;  Na Zuo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Arizona
  • Return from Leave: Jill Stowe
  • Resignation: Wuyang Hu

University of Maryland

  • Retirement: Richard E. Just, 32 years of service

University of Missouri

  • Appointment Change: Ken Schneeberger, Interim Director, CAFNR International Programs

University of Nebraska

  • Appointment Changes: Azzeddine Azzam, Roy Frederick Professor of Agricultural Economics; Lilyan Fulginiti, Roy Frederick Professor of Agricultural Economics 
  • Award: Lilyan Fulginiti, Darrell W. Nelson Excellence in Graduate Student Advising Award for 2017

The Ohio State University

  • Awards: Ani Katchova, Chair of Panel to Review the ERS Farm Income and Wealth Forecast Program; Zoë Plakias, Food Distribution Research Society, Richardson-Applebaum Award for Best PhD Dissertation

Purdue University

  • Awards: Maria Marshall, Cori​nne Alexander Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award 2017; Thomas Hertel, American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS 2017, Fellow
  • Retirement: Freddie L. Barnard, 35 Years of Service

Texas A&M University

  • Award: Mac Young, Texas Society of Range Management, 2017 Popular Publication Award

Virginia Tech

  • Award: Richard Crowder, FFA, Honorary American FFA Degree
  • Honorary Position: Marjorie Norton, Professor Emerita, Virginia Tech, November 2017
  • Retirement: Leon Geyer, 36 years of service
  • Visitor: Qinying He, Professor, South China Agricultural University, Visiting Scholar, 2017-2018