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October 2016 Issue 21


President's Column

October 2016

I’m pleased to announce a generous $150,000 grant from the USDA-ERS to the Association in support of AAEA professional development activities with a focus on strengthening the skills of new members of the profession. We aim to expand the diversity of the profession across many dimensions; including the types of careers and backgrounds of members and build ties between individuals from different institutions. The funds will be used to help support workshops such as the Early Career Professional Symposium that will be held this summer, and more generally, we will be able to expand travel grants to the summer meetings and other symposia and workshops. We are also working to expand the resources available on the newly created Online Mentorship Portal, and to re-ignite the successful one-on-one mentorship program held in previous years. Many thanks to ERS!
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AAEA Trust: Call for Proposals
The AAEA Trust Committee and Executive Board are seeking proposals for programs or projects that:
Support development of graduate students and early career professionals
Deepen participation in AAEA or reach out to new groups
Enhance the AAEA Annual Meeting
Proposals are due October 17, 2016.
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Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship:
Call for Applications
The Sylvia Lane Mentor Fellowship provides an opportunity for early career female scholars working on food, agricultural, or resource issues to collaborate with an established expert at another university, institution, or firm. At least one (1) Fellowship of up to $2,500 will be awarded for use during the 2017 calendar year. Applications are due October 17, 2016.
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McCorkle Scholarship:
Call for Applications
The AAEA Trust Committee is accepting applications for the 2017 Chester O. McCorkle Jr. Student Scholarship. This scholarship will support applied research by a graduate student on economic issues relating to agriculture. At least one (1) scholarship of up to $2,000 will be awarded. Funds can be used for research related expenses, data collection, tuition and program related expenses such as fees, books, supplies and equipment, provided the items are required of all students in the program. Applications are due October 17, 2016.
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Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award:
Call For Applications
The Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Trust is now accepting applications for the Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award. The Uma Lele Mentor Fellowship Award supports a mentorship relationship with a goal to promote high quality research of a policy/problem solving nature in countries with food insecurity and environmental pressures. It is meant to promote collaboration between an early career scholar who is a citizen of and resides in a developing country and a distinguished mentor. The award is intended to cover the costs of travel and expenses for a scholar and mentor to work together on a specific research project in a high priority area for the scholar’s country. Applications are due October 17, 2016.
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Anthony Grano Fellowship:
Call for Applications
The AAEA Trust is now accepting applications for the Anthony Grano Scholarship Award. One scholarship of $2,000 will be awarded to an academically successful, highly motivated student in agricultural economics or a closely related discipline with an interest in agricultural policy and the policy formation process. The scholarship will support recipients to travel to Washington, DC to meet with senior staff from USDA, Congressional offices, and agricultural trade associations and commodity organizations. Eligible applicants will be graduate students in either agricultural economics or economics with an agricultural emphasis in any U.S. university. The application deadline is October 17, 2016.
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Grano Fellowship Testimonial
I cannot thank AAEA or the Grano Board enough for the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. this fall. Having never traveled to D.C. before, the trip presented many unique professional and personal opportunities. In many graduate programs, my own included, classes or subject content is rarely focused on policy or its implications in the real world. - Candace Wilson
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Other News

2017 EAAE in Parma, Italy:
Call for Contributions
Agri-food systems in Europe and elsewhere often face conflicting incentives and signals arising from markets and society, and need to make trade-offs. Sustainability advocacy groups are putting societal concerns like animal welfare, food safety, cultural heritage, food sovereignty, and carbon footprint on the agenda of policy makers and stakeholders in the food value chain. However, there are many challenges to overcome, especially when more sustainable food systems face conflicting goals, and households’ purchasing decisions are mainly price driven.
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2017 Economics and Managements of Risks in Agriculture and Natural Resources Annual Meeting:
Call for Submissions
The SCC-76 “Economics and Management of Risks in Agriculture and Natural Resources” Group is soliciting submissions for the 2017 Annual Meeting, taking place March 30 – April 1, 2017 in Pensacola Beach, FL.
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