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January 2016 Issue 1


 AAEA News:

Call for Selected Presentations
Selected Presentation Papers and Posters
One week until the deadline

AAEA seeks submissions for Selected Presentations for the 2016 AAEA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. Selected Presentations are a submission category that represents both Selected Papers and Selected Posters. All submissions are reviewed and accepted together, and only after acceptance are the submissions designated as a paper or poster. Selected Papers can be assigned to present in a Lightning Session (8 papers, 9 minutes for each presentation; 7 minutes to present and 2 minutes for discussion) or a Selected Paper Session (4 Papers, 20 minutes for each presentation; 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). At the time of submission, individuals will have the option of having their submission considered as a poster only. There is no “paper only” option.
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Renew Your AAEA Membership for 2016

You can now renew your AAEA membership for 2016 on the AAEA website. Simply log in to the “My Account” section to renew. Completing your renewal online saves you time by filling out most of the information for you automatically.

The benefits of your AAEA membership only last through the spring of 2016, so be sure to renew soon to ensure that you keep receiving services from AAEA throughout the upcoming year.

Call for Organized Symposia Proposals

AAEA seeks submissions for Organized Symposia for the 2016 AAEA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. Proposals are due by Thursday, January 14, 2016, and should be submitted using AAEA’s online abstract submission system. Material previously presented cannot be accepted, and the submitting author will be asked to verify that the material has not been presented elsewhere.
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Other News

ECON PhD with Special Track in Remote Sensing at Virginia Tech

Spatially explicit analysis has become increasingly important in applied economic research, especially in light of climate change. Prominent examples include the economic implications of forest mortality and changes in forest composition over time, agricultural productivity under different climatic stressors and human interventions, and the effect of spatially differentiated environmental changes on housing markets.
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24th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis
“Introduction to Applied General Equilibrium Analysis in a Multi-Region Framework”
August 6-12, 2016 in West Lafayette, IN, USA

The 24th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis is being organized and hosted by the Center for Global Trade Analysis on the campus of Purdue University and will be led by Dr. Roman Keeney, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics.
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