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People Section

University of Arizona

  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Wenjun Wu, MS, PhD Program,  University of Washington; Ashutosh Kumar, MS, PhD Program, University of Washington; Josh Albright, MS, Allstate Insurance, Illinois; Chris Avery, MS, BASIS Schools, Tucson, AZ; Niloy Chowdhury, MS, TANGO International, Tucson, AZ
  • Retirement: Bruce Beattie, 26 years of service
  • Resignation: Dean Lueck

University of California, Davis

  • Awards: Tina L. Saitone, Richard J. Sexton and Daniel A. Sumner. AAEA-FAMPS Section, Best Published Research Paper Award; Rachel Bernstein, AAEA, Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award; Philip Garcia, Scott Irwin, and Aaron Smith, AAEA, Quality of Research Discovery Award; Timothy Beatty and Charlotte Tuttle, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Outstanding Article Award Honorable Mention
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Filipe Dizon, PhD, Young Professionals Program, The World Bank; Christine Carroll, PhD, Assistant Professor, California State University; Amanda Faig, PhD, Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Washington/National Ocean and Atmospheric Association
  • Retirement: Roberta Cook, 31 years of service

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

  • New Appointment: Jeta Rudi, Assistant Professor

Economic Research Service (USDA-ERS)

  • New Appointments: Jeff Gillespie, Branch Chief; Monica Saavoss, Research Economist; Chang Hong, Research Economist; Sharon Raszap Skorbiansky, Research Economist; David Boussios, Economist; Matthew Taylor Rhodes, Economist
  • Appointment Changes: Andrew Muhammad, Associate Director; Jennifer Bond, Wheat Analyst
  • Retirements: Edward Allen, 39 years of service; Roger Hoskin, 36 years of service; Kenneth Mathews, 27 years of service
  • Resignations: Sahar Angadjivand; John Bovay

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  • Awards: Howdy Bouis, World Food Prize, 2016 World Food Prize Laureate; Will Martin, GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project), Hall of Fame; Antoine Bouët, GTAP, 2016–2019 GTAP Research Fellow
  • Honorary Position: Claudia Ringler, Council Member, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, Optimizing Agricultural Water Use Advisory Council, June 2016
  • Visitor: Jessica Leight, Assistant Professor of Economics, Williams College, IFPRI Visiting Fellow, June – December 2016

Iowa State University

  • New Appointments: Catherine Kling, President’s Chair in Environmental Economics; Quinn Weninger, John F. Timmons Endowed Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics; Neil Harl, Governor, Iowa State University Foundation
  • Awards: William Edwards and Robert Jolly, American Society of Farm Managers, Rural Appraisers’ Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award and ISU College of Agriculture Award for Excellence in International Agriculture; Terence Alexander, Iowa State University, 2015 Outstanding Teaching by a Lecturer Award; Georgeanne Artz, Iowa State University, Outstanding Service in Student Recruitment and Retention Award and ISU Extension, Impacting Iowans Award; Lee Schulz, Iowa State University, 2016 Early Achievement Extension and Outreach Award; GianCarlo Moschini, Western Agricultural Economics Association, Fellow; Sergio Lence, and Chad Hart, Iowa State University, Exemplary Mentors. Matthew Clancy and Younjun Kim, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), Award for Best PhD Dissertation in Agricultural, Environmental, and Energy Economics Policy
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Kenny Liao, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Oberlin College; Xiaohong Zhu, Capital Markets Analyst II, Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines; Zhixia Ma, Agriculture Bank of China
  • Resignations: David Hennessy; Hongli Feng Hennessy

University of Kentucky

  • Appointment Change: Kenny Burdine, Associate Professor
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Hua Zhong, PhD, Postdoc, University of Nevada – Reno; Xiaojin Wang, PhD, Post-doctorate, The Ohio State University; Charlotte Hansen, MS, Statistical Analyst, American Veterinary Medical Association; Xiurui Cui, MS, Agricultural Economist, Seed Commodities eXchange; Andrew McLaughlin, MS, Data Analyst, UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science
  • Honorary Position: Wuyang Hu, H.B. Price Professor, University of Kentucky
  • Return from Leave: Tim Woods
  • Retirement: Jerry Skees, 35 years of service

University of Maryland

  • New Appointment: Neslihan Uler, Assistant Professor
  • Award: Erik Lichtenberg and Monica Saavoss, Water Resources Research, Editor's Choice Award 2015

University of Missouri

  • New Appointments: Theodoros Skevas, Assistant Professor; Matt Sveum, Post Doctoral Fellow; Jasper Grashius, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Award: Scott Brown, University of Missouri Extension, C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship Award
  • Leave: Christian Boessen, Iowa State University, September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017
  • Visitors: Dhruba Bhattarai, Director & Economics Faculty, Kathmandu Model College, Visiting Scholar, July 1-August 13, 2016; Dima Didukh, Fellow, Ukraine, Computer Software for Economic Analysis, Zhytomyr, July 31 – December 4, 2016; Olga Yatsenko, Fellow, Ukraine, Foreign Trade Management, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, July 31 – December 4, 2016; Elena Cherniavska, Fellow, Ukraine, International Economy, National Economic University, July 31 – December 4, 2016; Dmytro Kyryliuk, Fellow, Ukraine, Administrative Management and Foreign Economic Activity, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, July 31 – December 4, 2016; Yue Jiao (Joyce), Division of Biosafety, Development Center of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China, June 13-Sept 7, 2016; Zhuojing Sun (Cindy), GMOs Biosafety Division, Development Centre of Sci & Tech,Ministry of Agriculture, P.R.China, June 13-Sept 7, 2016.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • New Appointment: Timothy J. Meyer, Associate Professor of Practice
  • Award: Federico Jose Trindade and Lilyan Estela Fulginiti, Agricultural Economics Journal, Best paper award 2015
  • Position Taken by Recent Graduate: Wenfeng Li, MS, PhD Program, Cornell University

The Ohio State University

  • New Appointments : Leah Bevis, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Food and Farm Policy; Yongyang Cai, Associate Professor of Global Economic Modeling; Daniela Miteva, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Development and Economy; Zoe Plakias, Assistant Professor of Agribusiness
  • Appointment Change: Barry Ward, Transfer to ANR Extension
  • Retirement: Eugene Jones, 32 Years of Service

Purdue University

  • New Appointment: Ariana Torres, Assistant Professor                                                     
  • Awards: Allan Gray, Purdue University, Land O'Lakes Chair for Food and Agribusiness and International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, Fellow; Michael Boehlje, Purdue University, Fellow
  • Return from Leave: Benjamin Gramig
  • Leave: Nicole Widmar, August 2016
  • Visitors: Sounghun Kim, Associate Professor, Chungnam National University, South Korea, Working with Dr. Joe Balagtas; Luis Armando Becerra-Pèrez, Professor, Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Mexico, Working with Dr. Wally Tyner; Ken Itakura, Associate Professor, Nagoya City University, Japan, Working with Dr. Tom Hertel

Texas A&M University

  • New Appointments: Rebekka Dudensing, Associate Professor & Extension Economist; Ariun Ishdorj, Associate Professor; Craig Carpenter, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
  • Retirements: Ronald C. Griffin, 36 years of service; Stan J. Bevers, 27 years of service
  • Awards: Jim Mjelde, WAEA, Fellow; Nathan Harness, Investment News magazine, “40 Under 40” class of 2016; Jason Johnson, Texas County Agricultural Agents Association, District 8 Distinguished Specialist Award; Tiffany Dowell Lashmet, Texas County Agricultural

Texas Tech University

  • New Appointment: Sanja Zivkovic, Assistant Professor
  • Leave: Chenggang Wang, Spring 2015