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August 2016 Issue 16



2016 Award Recipients

Thank you to the Awards Committee Chair, Jaclyn Kropp of the University of Florida, and Board Liaison, Hayley Chouinard of Washington State University, Bidisha Mandal of Washington State University, and all who graciously volunteered their time and efforts to serve on an AAEA Award Committee!

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2017 EAAE in Parma, Italy:
Call for Contributions

Agri-food systems in Europe and elsewhere often face conflicting incentives and signals arising from markets and society, and need to make trade-offs. Sustainability advocacy groups are putting societal concerns like animal welfare, food safety, cultural heritage, food sovereignty, and carbon footprint on the agenda of policy makers and stakeholders in the food value chain. However, there are many challenges to overcome, especially when more sustainable food systems face conflicting goals, and households’ purchasing decisions are mainly price driven.

Policy makers, therefore, face increasing challenges in balancing these concerns. The nature of challenges has changed over time with new technologies becoming available, with the ongoing innovation and transition to the bio-based economy, with an increasing share of the population living in urban areas, and with many markets becoming global. Some of these changes are subtle as borders between rural and urban areas are gradually disappearing, and cities are integrating agricultural activities within their boundaries.
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Other News

Call for Participation:
2016 FDRS Student Marketing Case Competition
The 2016 Student Marketing Case Competition will be held on October 1st and 2nd during the Annual Conference of the Food Distribution Research Society (FDRS). The Conference will be held from September 30th – October 4th at the Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.
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