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University of Arizona

  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Ron Klawitter, MS, Water Rights & Contacts Analyst Salt River Project; Avralt-Od Purevjav, MS, PhD program in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University; Jingyu Liu, MS, PhD program in Statistics, The University of Arizona

University of California, Berkeley

  • Award: Gordon Rausser, EAAE, Quality of Policy Contribution Award

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

  • Resignations: Jenni James; Carol Sexton
  • New Appointment: Ricky Volpe, Assistant Professor

Colorado State University

  • Awards: John Loomis, AAEA, 2014; Allison Bauman, WAEA, Placed 3rd; Michelle Kibler, AAEA, 2nd place in Graduate Student Extension Competition Misti Sharp, Jada Thompson, Anders Van Sandt, AAEA, Case Study Team, 3rd place; Kellie Enns, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, USDA Food & Agriculture Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award; Leslie Richardson, John Loomis, & Patricia Champ, Journal of Forest Economics, Sören Wibe Prize
  • Visitors: Becca Jablonski, PhD, Cornell University, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1-2 years; Charles Abdalla, Professor; Department of Agriculture & Environmental Economics, The Pennsylvania State; Visiting Professor, Sept 2014-Feb 2015

Cornell University

  • New Appointments: John Hoddinott, H. E. Babcock Professor of Food, Nutrition, and Public Policy; Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Assistant Professor of Finance; Jennifer Ifft, Assistant Professor and Mueller Family Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in Agribusiness and Farm Management; Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Assistant Professor and CoBank/Farm Credit East Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in Production Economics and Sustainability; Michael Roach, J. Thomas and Nancy W. Clark Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship; Donna Haeger, Lecturer of Spreadsheet Modeling; Laurel Parrilli, Lecturer of Accounting
  • Appointment Change: Miguel Gomez, Associate Professor with tenure.
  • Awards: Vicki Bogan, State University of New York, Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching; Shanjun Li, International Industrial Organization Conference, Utility Research Center Prize; Teevrat Garg and Linden McBride, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Jing He, MS, Consumer Analytics Management Associate, Citibank; Muhammad Jawad Khan, MS, Assistant Professor, Balochistan University of IT; Amy Uber, MS, Senior Agricultural Economist, CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture; Fengping Zheng, MS, Analyst, China Life Asset Management Company; Elizabeth Bageant, MS, Research Support Specialist, Dyson School, Cornell University; Yijia Tang, MS, Research Support Specialist, Dyson School, Cornell University; Shadi Atallah, PhD, Assistant Professor, Purdue University; Catalina Herrera-Almanza, PhD, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University; Elaine Hill, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester; Nathaniel Jensen, PhD, Post-Doc, Dyson School, Cornell University; Romi Kher, PhD, Post-Doc, Dyson School, Cornell University; Joel Landry, PhD, Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University; Benjamin Leard, PhD, Fellow, Resources for the Future; Adrian Lopes, PhD, Assistant Professor, Bates College; Yu Qin, PhD, Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore; Kira Villa, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
  • Return from Leave: Loren Tauer
  • Leave: Todd Schmit, University of Minnesota and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, August 24- December 31, 2014
  • Retirement: Timothy Mount, 44 years of service
  • Visitors: Yasutomo Kojima, Tokyo University of Agriculture; Yaqin Liu, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Xiangyu Sun, Nanjing University of Informational Science and Technology; Dongwei Wen, Nankai University; Yuehua Zhang, Zhejiang University

Economic Research Service

  • New Appointments: Nestor Rodriguez, Food Markets Branch as a Research Agricultural Economist; Michelle Saksena, Food Markets Branch as a Research Agricultural Economist; David Levin, Food Markets Branch as a Research Agricultural Economist; John Bovay, PhD, Agricultural Economist

University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Award: Chennat Gopalakrishnan, WAEA, Distinguished Scholar

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • New Appointments: Ben Crost, Assistant Professor; Erica Myers, Assistant Professor
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Divina Gracia Rodriguez, PhD, Production Economist, Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute; Maria Christina Jolejole-Foreman, Post-doctoral position at Harvard School of Public Health; Taro Mieno, Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

International Food Policy Research Institute

  • New Appointment: Lawrence Haddad, Senior Research Fellow, Manfred Zeller, Head Policy Research for HarvestPlus; Frank Place, Senior Research Fellow; George Mavrotas, Senior Research Fellow II; Victor Taleon, Associate Research Fellow; Kerri W. Platais, Program Head for Scientific & Technical Partnership in Africa; Maria Recalde, Associate Research Fellow; Signe Nelgen, Associate Research Fellow; Ina Schonberg, Deputy Director of Programs for HarvestPlus; Adam Komarek, Research Fellow
  • Award: Kristin Davis, AIAEE, Outstanding Achievement Award; Margaret McMillan and William Masters, AAEA, Publication of Enduring Quality Award
  • Honorary Positions: Kristin Davis, President AIAEE, 2014-2015; Ephraim Nkonya, IPBES Panel of Experts; Jose Falck-Zepeda, US National Academy of Sciences, Committee Member "Genetically Engineered Crops: Past Experience and Future Prospects"
  • Visitors: Jacob Bart Thompson August 5-8, 2014

Louisiana State University

  • Resignation: Joshua D. Detre
  • Appointment Change: John Westra, Professor; Krishna P. Paudel, Professor; Ross J. Pruitt, Associate Professor with tenure
  • Award: Gail L. Cramer, AAEA Trust, The Gail L. Cramer Appreciation Club chartered
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduates: Lorna Amrinto, PhD, USAA, Dallas; Berdikul Qushim, PhD, Post Doc Louisiana State Univeristy

University of Maryland

  • New Appointment: Mary Zaki, Assistant Professor
  • Award: Richard E. Just, AAEA, Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Teaching with Ten or More Years’ Experience
  • Resignations: Vivian Hoffmann, Karthik Kalyanaraman and Charles Towe
  • Visitors: Marie Hyland, Research Analyst, Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin, Visiting Scholar, September 2014 - February 2015; Hojeong Park, Professor, Korea University, Visiting Scholar, July 2014 - June 2015

Michigan State University

  • New Appointment: Joseph A. Herriges, Professor; Corey C. Risch, Assistant Professor
  • Position Taken by Recent Graduate: Adam Lovgren, PhD, Strategy Consultant, Roll Global LLC; Xuan Wei, PhD, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Lincoln University; Mariam (Sako) Thiam, MS, Consultant in Financial Analysis, J.P. Morgan Chase; Nathalie Me-Nsope, PhD, Specialist, Michigan State University; Helder Zavale, PhD, Assistant Professor, Eduardo Mondlane University; Alexandra Peralta, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Adelaide (Australia)
  • Return from Leave: Mark Skidmore
  • Leave: David Weatherspoon, USDA-Economic Research Service, 4-6 months
  • Visitors: Dusan Paredes-Araya, Associate Professor, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Research Scholar, 2014-16

University of Missouri

  • Appointment Change: Christian R. Boessen, Associate Teaching Professor; Fabio Chaddad, Awarded Tenure and Promoted to Associate Professor; Peter Klein, Professor
  • Positions Taken by Recent Graduate: DJ Donahue, PhD, Agricultural Economist, USDA/Agricultural Marketing Service, Dairy Program Area; See Yang, MS, Juris Doctorate candidate, University of Arkansas School of Law

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Position Taken by Recent Graduates: Ann Hunter-Pirtle, MS, Speechwriter for EPA Administrator and Deputy Administrator
  • Visitors: Rodrigo Silveira, Assistant Professor in Economics, State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil, Research Scholar, 1 year

Ohio State University

  • Position Taken By Recent Graduate: Lea Fortmann, Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound; Jennifer Gnagey, Visiting Assistant Professor, Weber State University; Matt Gnagey, Assistant Professor, Weber State University; Yue Hua, Assistant Professor, Hunan University; Michele Saksena, Economist, USDA-Economic Research Service; Xiaohui Tian, Assistant Professor, Renmin University
  • Resignation: Dr. Steven Vickner.
  • Visitors: Dr. Lin Bao, Visiting Associate Professor, Jiangsu Normal University, P.R. China September 2014 – September 2015; Leonardo Chaves Borges Cardoso, Visiting Scholar, PhD Candidate Universidade Federal De Parana, Brazil. Duration: October 2014 – October 2015; Dr. Hye-Jung Kang, Visiting Associate Professor, Chonnam National University, Korea. Duration: September 2014 – September 2015; Dr. Yingmei Tang, Visiting Associate Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University, P.R. China. Duration: August 2014 –August 2015.
  • Authors: Marin Bozic, John Newton, Cameron S. Thraen and Brian W. Gould. Published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, “Tails Curtailed: Accounting for Nonlinear Dependence in Pricing Margin Insurance for Dairy Farmers”.

S. R. Thompson, Y. Bae, M. Kniepert. Published in Empirical Economics, August 2010, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 291-302, “Agricultural policy regime change assessment: Austrian accession to the European Union”.

Purdue University

  • New Appointments: Dr. Adriela Fernandez, Limited Term Lecturer; Dr. Michael Wetzstein, faculty position; Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, GTAP
  • Appointment Change: Marshall Martin, Founding Director of the Purdue University Soybean Center; Frank Dooley, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Award: Dr. Juan Sesmero, C-FARE, Early career professional leadership award
  • Position Taken by Recent Graduate: Eric O’Rear, PhD, Research Economist in Applied Economics, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Return from Leave: Patrick Hatzenbuehler