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Information below applies to all presenters at the 2012 Annual Meeting. You can also find more specific information on the Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations pages.

Deadlines for Presenters
March 15 Waiver Requests for Membership and/or Registration Requirements for AAEA Session Participants Due
June 4 All Presenters Must Be Registered for the Annual Meeting and a Member of AAEA
June 4 Completed AAEA Selected Papers and Posters Due to AgEcon Search

June 4 Deadline for Presenters

All presenters, discussants, and panelists at the Annual Meeting must by June 4:

If these deadlines are not met, the corresponding presentation/session will be withdrawn from the program.

AAEA Requests for Waiver

AAEA participants who are not members of the agricultural (and related) economics fields, and therefore not members of AAEA may be considered for a waiver of the membership requirement and/or meeting registration requirement on a case-by-case basis.

Such requests must be submitted in writing to AAEA no later than March 15. The waiver decision will be made by the AAEA President. No waivers will be considered for Selected Presentations. Please submit all requests for waivers to Brian Mondragón Jones, at

Calls for Submissions

The Call for Submissions for each submission type is a good resource to find information. You can find the calls for the AAEA  submission types below.