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Employment Center: Applicant

Quick Facts:
When: Sunday, August 12 - Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Where: 2012 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA
Cost: $30 On-site (all registrations are non-refundable)

Thank you for your interest in the 2012 Employment Center. Advanced registration is now closed. If you would like to register for the Employment Center, you can register on-site in Seattle. The cost of on-site registration for applicants will be $30.


What is the Employment Center?
The AAEA Employment Center provides an opportunity for highly qualified candidates to connect with a number of employers, while attending the Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Access to the Employment Center, both online and on-site, is available only to those individuals who have registered.

How do I Register?
Advanced registration is now closed. To register, please visit the registration desk in Seattle. When you have completed your on-site registration, you will be given login information to access the positions that were posted in advance of the meeting. On-site registrants will not have the option of posting their materials in the online system and should instead provide copies of their resume for distribution to the employers.

How do I Schedule an Interview?
All interviews will take place in the Employment Center on-site at the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in interviewing for a posted position, you should contact the employer via the instructions provided in the job posting. We strongly recommend that you attempt to schedule your interviews in advance of arriving at the meeting, as many employers will have already established their interview schedule. Please note, AAEA will not be handling the scheduling of interviews.

What Should I Expect at the On-site Employment Center?
Inside the On-site Employment Center, there will be an area set up for applicants to wait for their interviews and to search for additional opportunities. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of providing internet access in the meeting space, wireless internet will not be available in the Employment Center area; however, internet kiosks will be available near the main Annual Meeting Registration booths. A limited number of binders containing printed copies of the positions received in advance of the meeting will be available in the Employment Center for those interested in searching for additional opportunities. Additionally, a table will be set with a number of office supplies such as pencils, paper, stapler, and 3-hole punch for your use. A bulletin board will also be available where employers may leave a message for applicants if they are not able to reach them using the contact information provided on the applicant form.

Registered applicants will receive an Orientation Information Sheet via email along with their receipt with more detailed information regarding the on-site logistics of the Employment Center.

On-Site Employment Center Schedule

Orientation: Sunday, August 12, 9:30 am
Sunday, August 12, 10:00am-3:30pm  
Monday, August 13, 9:30am-5:00pm  
Tuesday, August 14, 9:30am-5:00pm  

If you have any questions regarding the Employment Center, please contact Brian Mondragón Jones at or (414) 918-3190.