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Walmart, Hemp, and Food: Prices Effecting Consumers

AAEA Members featured in AEPP Podcast

Do new Walmart Supercenter’s improve local economies? Does hemp regulations change the development of it? And how does FoodAPS help us understand consumption in the United States?

These questions get answered in the Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy, Quarter 2 Podcast, now available.

Charles (Chuck) Coutemanche from the University of Kentucky discusses how Walmart Supercenters help to lower all food prices surrounding their locations in “Do Walmart Supercenters Improve Food Security.” Courtemache says, “our estimates imply is that every time the distance from the nearest Walmart Supercenter is cut in half, say from 10 miles away to 5 miles away, the rate of household food insecurity drops by 1.2 percentage points and the rate of children's food insecurity drops by 1.4 percentage points.”

Trey Malone from Michigan State University talks about the new comings of hemp production in America in the article Help in the United States: A Case Study of Regulatory Path Dependence.” He said that, “about a third of Americans think that hemp and marijuana are the same thing.”

And Elina Page with the United States Department of Agriculture explores the results from a recent survey in the article, “The National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey: Innovations in Research Insight,” She states that the, “households reported foods from food at home retailers, such as superstores, grocery stores and farmer's markets, from food away from home establishments such as restaurants, fast food locations and schools, and also foods obtained for free, for example, from friends and family, from work or from food pantries and community centers.”

Listen to the AEPP Quarter 2 podcast on iTunes.

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