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Studying Innovation in Agriculture – New Data and New Tools

AAEA members present at 2020 ASSA Annual Meeting

The role of research and development (R&D) in agriculture has long been recognized as critical, and there is a large literature linking agricultural productivity gains to R&D spending by the public and private sectors. In a world that confronts the challenges of climate change and a growing population, continued innovation to sustain productivity gains in agriculture will be of paramount importance. However, over the last few decades, major changes to the agricultural R&D landscape have been mounting. In an AAEA session taking place at the Allied Social Science Association’s Annual Meeting entitiled “Studying Innovation in Agriculture – New Data and New Tools” three papers present on new tools and datasets for exploring the changing landscape of agricultural R&D.

The organizer of the session, Matthew Clancy from Iowa State University says, “There are new and exciting tools and datasets becoming available for the study of agricultural innovation, that allow us to address old and new problems in new ways.“

Papers in this session:

  • Knowledge Spillovers in Agricultural Innovation: Evidence from Patents
    Matthew Clancy, Iowa State University, Paul Heisey, USDA Economic Research Service, Yongjie Ji, Iowa State University, and GianCarlo Moschini, Iowa State University
  • How Do Patents Shape Global Value Chains? International and Domestic Patenting and Value-Added Trade
    Nikolas J. Zolas, Center for Economic Studies, United States Census Bureau, and Travis J. Lybbert, University of California, Davis
  • Venture Capital, Startups, and R&D for Agriculture and Food
    Felipe De Figueiredo Silva, University of California, Berkeley, and Gregory D. Graff, Colorado State University

This session will take place on Friday, January 3, from 10:15 am - 12:15 pm at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. To attend this session please contact Allison Scheetz in the AAEA Business Office for your complimentary Media Registration.

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