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SNAP Benefit Cycles, the EBT Authorized Retail Landscape and Dietary Quality

AAEA annual meeting track session

The 2024 AAEA Annual Meeting Track Session sponsored by the Food Safety and Nutrition Section as well as the Food and Agricultural Marketing Policy Section “SNAP Benefit Cycles, the EBT Authorized Retail Landscape and Dietary Quality” will showcase four research presentations that evaluate different policies related to the SNAP program. The first paper evaluates the effect of liquidity constraints on the SNAP benefit cycle. The second paper studies the role that dollar stores play in the dietary quality of SNAP households. The third paper analyzes the effect of changes in stocking requirements on the SNAP authorized retail landscape. The fourth paper simulates soda demand in the counterfactual scenario in which soda is no longer eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits. To answer these questions, the researchers utilize EBT data obtained from the state of Minnesota, Circana (previously IRI) Consumer Network data, TDLinx Store Characteristics Data, Store Tracking and Redemption System (STARS) data and retail scanner data obtained from a supermarket retailer. Each presenter is a female assistant professor conducting research in the Agricultural/Applied Economics field.

Presentations in this session:

  1. SNAP Cycle Responses to Liquidity Shocks
    Charlotte Ambrozek, University of Minnesota
  2. Is Dollar Store the Enemy or the Savior for Low-Income Households’ Access to Nutritious Foods? An Investigation Through the SNAP Cycle, 2017-2018
    Wenhui Feng, Tufts University
  3. Dollar Stores, SNAP Authorization, and Food Access
    Lauren Chenarides, Colorado State University
  4. SNAP Eligible Products and Behavioral Demand
    Katherine Harris-Lagoudakis, Iowa State University

This session will take place on Tuesday, July 30 from 10:00 am –11:30 am CST in the New Orleans Marriott in Bacchus on the fourth floor.

If you are interested in attending the 2024 AAEA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, please send a completed complimentary media registration to Allison Ware in the AAEA Business Office. You can also learn more on our Annual Meeting Media Kit page.

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