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President’s Plans Lead to Farm Labor Concerns: Choices Magazine Special Edition

Immigration and Health Care Reforms of Particular Interest to Industry

President Trump is promising sweeping reform when it comes to enforcement of current immigration laws, and introducing new legislation that could put heavy restrictions on undocumented workers. These policies would also impact these workers gaining access to health care.

The proposals are cause for serious concern in the agriculture industry; leaving some to wonder if productivity and the bottom line will suffer if the President’s plans are put into place.

This is the focus of a special edition of Choices Magazine: “Farm Labor Issues in the Face of U.S. Immigration and Health Care Reform.” This theme features the following articles:

  • “Sustaining a Healthy Farm Labor Force: Issues for Policy Consideration” by Cesar L. Escalante and Tianyuan Luo
  • “Trump, Immigration, and Agriculture” by Phillip Martin
  • “Anti-Immigration Reform and Reductions in Welfare: Evidence from the Meatpacking Industry” by Thomas P. Krumel, Jr.

You can read each of these articles online at If you are interested in setting up an interview with any of the authors, please contact Jay Saunders in the AAEA Business Office.

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