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PayMeToo Movement: Gender Gaps in the Workplace

Three AAEA members present on causes of gender disparities

As of 2016, the U.S. gender pay gap remained at 20%, meaning that women earn 80 cents to every dollar men make. Even accounting for differences in education, work experience, occupation, and collective bargaining coverage, the gap remains substantial at 8.4%. In an AAEA session taking place at the Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting entitled “Exploring Mechanisms Underlying the Gender Gap: Promotion, Perceptions, and Professional Networks,” three presentations will explore why the progress on narrowing professional gender gaps has stalled and possibly even reversed.

The organizer of the session, Joyce Chen from The Ohio State University says, “The papers in this session highlight specific mechanisms underlying gender gaps. While gender gaps in the workplace have narrowed in many respects, little “low-hanging fruit” remains. Employers and policymakers must now take a more careful look at the underlying mechanisms in order to continue making progress.”

Presentations in this session:

  • Gender Gaps in Academia: Evidence from The Ohio State University
    Joyce J. Chen, The Ohio State University and Daniel Crown, The Ohio State University
  • Collaboration Networks Among Female Economists: An Examination of Coauthorship using the CSWEP Mentoring Data
    Donna K. Ginther, University of Kansas & NBER and Rina Na, University of Kansas
  • Expectations Bias and Gender
    Wen Chen, Freddie Mac and Jill J. McCluskey, Washington State University

This session will take place on Saturday, January 5, 2019 from 8:00 am – 10:00 am at the Hilton Atlanta. To attend this session please contact Allison Scheetz in the AAEA Business Office for your complimentary Media Registration.

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