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How Women Saved Agricultural Economics

Two AAEA members release research in AEPP

Women brought topics into the mainstream of Agricultural Economics that have allowed the field to increase its relevance for public policy and commercial applications. Many of the topics of papers with a greater percentage of female authors receive above average citations in the AAEA’s leading journals.

In the recently published article “How women saved agricultural economics,” Susan Offutt from DCL Consulting and Jill McCluskey from Washington State University bring to light the contributions of woment to the field of agricultural economics in the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Committee on Women in Agricltural Economics (CWAE), an interest group in AAEA.

Offutt says, “Our findings confirm the benefits of diversity to an academic discipline.  Inclusion of people with different backgrounds and experiences brings in new perspectives, increases creativity, and avoids the "group think" that can arise within homogenous groups.  The entry of women into agricultural economics, a field long dominated by men, did change its agenda.  We would expect inclusion of more Black and Latinx scholars, among other underrepresented groups, would likewise have positive effects on the relevance and quality of research, teaching and extension in agricultural and applied economics.”

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