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Food Quality Inspection, Certification, and Disclosure

AAEA members present at 2021 ASSA session

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is certain: food quality inspection, certifications, and disclosure can provide some measure of assurance to consumers. In an AAEA session taking place virtually at the 2021 ASSA Annual Meeting, researchers will discuss the economics of information with examples from the coffee, meat and poultry, and wine industries.   

Organizer of the session, John Bovay from Virginia Tech says, “The fascinating thing about food quality is that it is largely hidden from the consumer. How can you tell whether a bottle of French red wine is produced according to strict standards or made from a blend of juices with little quality control? What are the environmental implications of your cup of Brazilian coffee? Is your meat and poultry safe to eat, or might it make you sick? This series of papers will address the economics of food quality inspection, certification, and disclosure in the contexts of wine, coffee, and meat and poultry. The papers address implications of certification for producer well-being and incentives for shirking from quality control, among other topics.”

Papers in this session:

The Producer Response to Eco-Certification: Evidence from the Quality, Quantity, and Consistency of Brazilian Coffee Production

  • Elinor Benami, Virginia Tech
  • Robert Heilmayr, University of California-Santa Barbara

Moral Hazard under Discrete Information Disclosure: Evidence from Food-Safety Inspections

  • John Bovay, Virginia Tech

Monitoring and Enforcement in a Food Safety Context: Evidence from Facility Level Data

  • Jay Shimshack, University of Virginia
  • Timothy Beatty, University of California-Davis

How Big Is the ‘Lemons’ Problem? Historical Evidence from French Wines

  • Pierre Merel, University of California-Davis
  • Ariel Ortiz Bobea, Cornell University
  • Emmanuel Paroissien, French National Institute for Agricultural Research

If you are interested in attending the virtual session happening at 3:45 pm – 5:45 pm EST with a complimentary media pass, please contact Allison Ware in the AAEA Business Office.

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Contact: Allison Ware
Senior Communications Manager
(414) 918-3190