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Capturing Synergies Between Youth Livelihoods and Agricultural Transformation

AAEA Member presents at 2018 Global Food Security Symposium

According to the United Nations, the global population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050.  Much of the growth will occur in Africa and Asia, where a large share of the population is young, and current and future threats of food security is greatest.  With Africa’s population doubling by 2050, one billion people are projected to be below 18 years old. Similarly, about one million people turn 18 years old each month in India. With proactive investments, this surging youth populations could be a key asset for social and economic transformation.  On the other hand, if not properly managed, they could be an important contributor to social unrest and instability. How can this surging youth population be harnessed for economic growth, food security, and social stability?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs address this critical global issue at the 2018 Global Food Security Symposium. On March 21-22, 2018, the Council is bringing together global leaders, innovators, disruptors, and trailblazers to discuss the future of food and agriculture and launch the 2018 Global food Security Report titled “Youth for growth: Tranforming economies through agriculture.”

An Agricultural & Applied Economics (AAEA) member, Felix Kwame Yeboah from Michigan State University, is the lead author of the report.  “The report focuses on the intersection between youth livelihoods and agriculture. A key message is that youth livelihoods in developing economies will largely depend on the successful transformation of agriculture, and agricultural and economic transformation will require strong youth engagement to succeed,” says Yeboah. After a presentation on the report, Yeboah will join a panel of experts to discuss critical pillars of action from governments, private sector, research community and civil society that will advance global food security and economic growth.

 If you are interested in attending the Global Food Security Symposium 2018, taking place in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C, please contact Allison Scheetz in the AAEA Business Office to be added to the media list.

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