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George W. Ladd

George W. Ladd is an unusually imaginative and original research worker. He selects important problems to work on and maintains extremely high standards in his research and publications. He is in active demand by both students and faculty colleagues as a consultant on statistical and econometric techniques, and he has been highly successful motivating and training graduate students to excel in research and writing.

Ladd has published excellent work on problems (a) of identifying and quantifying "quality" and product characteristics, (b) in economic measurement such as supply response, production indices, and cost curves in manufacturing plants, (c) of optimum plant location, (d) in identifying market structure, and (e) of analyzing bargaining power. Recent innovative papers by Ladd deal with value judgments and efficiency in publicly supported research, the linkage between policy formation and import demand, and research methodology.

Ladd is recognized in the North Central Region for the outstanding contribution he has made to regional research activities. He has or is serving on ten regional committees and has been chair of three committees. Ladd sets a good example among marketing economists of the region for work that is high quality, well-conceived methodologically, and easily accessible to a wide range of readers in various published forms.

While Ladd's research interest centers on marketing agricultural products, he has broad interests and frequently' works with professionals in other disciplines. He has published in such diverse journals as Econometrica, the Journal of Animal Science, and the Journal of Consumer Research.

A native of South Dakota, Ladd received his B.S. degree from South Dakota State University. His M.S. was earned at Michigan State University and his Ph.D. degree at the University of Illinois. Ladd is currently Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture at Iowa State University.