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David Zilberman

David Zilberman holds the Robinson Chair in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department, University of California at Berkeley.   He received the 2019 Wolf Prize in Agriculture and was elected a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science 2019. David served as the 2018-19 President of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA). He's a Fellow of the AAEA, Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, an Honorary Life Member of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, and a Hagler Fellow at Texas A&M University. He has over 400 refereed journal articles ranging from Science to ARE-Update and has edited over 30 books. He has led the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program and Masters of Development Practice at UC Berkeley. David’s BA is from Tel Aviv University and his Ph.D. is from Berkeley. He has also served as a Consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the World Bank, and FAO. David's research analyzes water, innovation, supply chain, and the interactions between agriculture, energy, and the environment.

Charter Members:
Thomas Reardon, Madhu Khanna, Matin Qaim, Deepak Rajagopal, Scott Swinton, Teresa Serra, Doug Parker, Joshua Graff Zivin, Karina Schoengold, Renan Goetz, John Miranowski, Angels Xabadia, Erik Lichtenberg, Sean Cash, Yang Xie, Richard Just, Jill McCluskey, Gordon Rausser, Jinhua Zhao, Justus Wesseler, Jennifer Ifft, Gregory Graff, Junjie Wu, George Frisvold, Gal Hochman