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Carlos Arnade

Carlos Arnade joined the Economic Research Service (ERS) in 1984, after working with rural banks while serving in Peace Corps in the Philippines. While at ERS, Carlos published papers that evaluated import demand, with a focus on Latin American trade. In the late 1980s, he worked on measuring total factor productivity and evaluated how productivity affected trade. In the 1990s, Carlos began work on noncompetitive markets, and, with other ERS economists, published several papers on measuring oligopoly power in various food markets. He also published several papers on estimating efficiency and technical change in Russian agriculture.  During that period, he also published papers on market segmentation and price analysis. Recently, with several ERS economists, Carlos published papers measuring the impact of food safety events on consumer demand, as well as analyses of price relationships in agricultural markets. Throughout his career, Carlos applied new methodological approaches to agricultural and trade issues. Carlos was an erudite scholar, known for his out-of-box approach to research, and had a curiosity about wide-ranging topics. Carlos mentored junior staff at ERS and helped to integrate them into the workstream, and did so by bringing a lot of joy and humor into the work place. 

Charter Members:
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