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Andrew Schmitz

Andrew Schmitz’s career over the past six decades includes many achievements. He has played a leading role in the development and application of welfare economic analysis involving the complexities of the interface between agricultural policy and trade, income distribution effects, agricultural mechanization, trade regulations, water policies, and research and development. Professor Schmitz has published over 300 refereed journal articles and 30 books, including the co-authored Welfare Economics of Public Policy. He has been an inspiring mentor and a greater collaborator on high quality, cutting-edge ideas published in major economic journals, including American Journal of Agricultural Economics, American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics. Professor Schmitz has held three endowed chairs: Van Vliet (University of Saskatchewan), Robinson (University of California, Berkeley), and Ben Hill Griffin (University of Florida). He is a Fellow of both the American and Canadian Agricultural Economics Associations, and the recipient of six major research awards and three research of enduring quality awards from the AAEA, and two major awards from the CAEA. Professor Schmitz has received the Who’s Who in American Lifetime Achievement Award, University of Saskatchewan Alumni Achievement Award, Southern Agricultural Economics Association Lifetime Achievement Award, American Agricultural Economics Association Waugh medal, and Earned Doctor of Letters degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

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