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Online Quizzes and Exam on Demand and Price Analysis

Final Summary Document
Online Quizzes and Demand Test Answer keys

By: Yuliya Bolotova, Clemson University
Description: The manuscript presents three quizzes and exam on demand and price analysis taught in a senior level “Prices” course. The quizzes and exam are developed for conducting student assessment in on-line format; they are Canvas-based. The quizzes and exam cover several topics on demand and price analysis, which are explained in standard textbooks in the areas of agricultural markets and prices, and managerial economics. The answers to questions are structured using a multiple-choice format. The answer keys are provided. The manuscript also presents a summary of lecture topics, a list of economic concepts and definitions, and a summary of economic and econometric models used in the empirical demand and price analysis.
Copyright Licensing:  CC-BY-NC-SA
Date Published Online: May 13, 2021
Date Last Updated: May 13, 2021