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Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

Most Recent Articles: November 2016

Featured Article

  • Rethinking the Water-Food-Climate Nexus and Conflict: An Opportunity Cost Approach
    Riley Post, Darren Hudson, Donna Mitchell, Patrick Bell, Arie Perliger, and Ryan Williams

Submitted Articles

  • Agricultural Index Insurance for Development
    Nathaniel Jensen and Christopher Barrett
  • Health and Women’s Role in Agricultural Production Efficiency
    Ioanna G. Gkiza and Stefanos A. Nastis


  • A Cost of Tractability? Estimating Climate Change Impacts Using a Single Crop Market Understates Impacts on Market Conditions and Variability
    Wyatt Thompson, Scott Gerlt, J. Elliott Campbell, Lara M. Kueppers, Yaqiong Lu, and Mark A. Snyder
  • Are GMO Policies “Trade Related”? Empirical Analysis of Latin America
    Pamela J. Smith and Erik S. Katovich

  • Did Revisions to the WIC Program Affect Household Expenditures on Whole Grains?
    Miyoung Oh, Helen H. Jensen, and Ilya Rahkovsky
  • The Digital Divide in Farming: A Problem of Access or Engagement?
    Thia Hennessy, Doris Läpple, and Brian Moran
  • Drought Index Insurance for the Central Valley Project in California
    Teresa Maestro, Barry J. Barnett, Keith H. Coble, Alberto Garrido, and María Bielza
  • Do Elementary Students Substitute Ice Cream and Baked Goods for Healthier National School Lunch Program Meal Items?
    Gabrielle F. Miller, Jaclyn D. Kropp, Sonam Gupta, Kelly A. Grogan, and Anne Mathews
  • Estimating the Relationship between Food Prices and Food Consumption—Methods Matter
    Laura Cornelsen, Mario Mazzocchi, Rosemary Green, Alan D. Dangour, and Richard D. Smith
  • Total Factor Productivity: A Framework for Measuring Agri-food Supply Chain Performance Towards Sustainability
    Daniel Gaitán-Cremaschi, Miranda P.M. Meuwissen, and Alfons G.J.M. Oude Lansink
  • Data Science and Management for Large Scale Empirical Applications in Agricultural and Applied Economics Research
    Joshua D. Woodard
  • Word Networks in US Rural Policy Discourse
    Adam Reimer, Yicheol Han, Stephan Goetz, Scott Loveridge, and Don Albrecht
  • State-Level Cooperative Extension Spending and Farmer Exits
    Stephan J. Goetz and Meri Davlasheridze
  • Unconventional Gas and Oil Development in the United States: Economic Experience and Policy Issues
    Timothy W. Kelsey, Mark D. Partridge, and Nancy E. White
  • The Collective Farm-household Model: Policy and Welfare Simulations
    Eleonora Matteazzi, Martina Menon, and Federico Perali
  • Distributional Effects of Crop Insurance Subsidies
    Jayson L. Lusk
  • Public Incentives, Private Investment, and Outlooks for Hybrid Rice in Bangladesh and India
    David J. Spielman, Patrick S. Ward, Deepthi E. Kolady, and Harun Ar-Rashid
  • U.S. Agricultural Productivity: A Review of USDA Economic Research Service Methods
    C. Richard Shumway, Barbara M. Fraumeni, Lilyan E. Fulginiti, Jon D. Samuels, and Spiro E. Stefanou
  • How Meat Demand Elasticities Vary with Price, Income, and Product Category
    Jayson L. Lusk and Glynn T. Tonsor
  • Evaluating Policy Design Choices for the Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers: An Expected Indemnity Approach
    John Newton, Cameron S. Thraen, and Marin Bozic
  • Exchange Rate Policy and Global Supply Chains: The Case of the Chinese Renminbi and Global Soybean and Soybean Product Markets
    Gary W. Williams and Ji Luo
  • Dynamics of Farmland Ownership and Leasing: Implications for Young and Beginning Farmers1
    Ani L. Katchova and Mary Clare Ahearn
  • The Risk Attitudes of U.S. Farmers
    Brian E. Roe
  • Building Economic Models Corresponding to the Real World
    Ray Huffaker
  • Physical Activity and Body Weight among Adults in Malaysia
    Andrew K. G. Tan, Yanghao Wang, Steven T. Yen, and Mustapha I. Feisu
  • Price Differences across Farmers’ Markets, Roadside Stands, and Supermarkets in North Carolina†
    Natalie H. Valpiani, Parke E. Wilde, Beatrice L. Rogers, and Hayden G. Stewart
  • The “Necessity” of New Position Limits in Agricultural Futures Markets: The Verdict from Daily Firm-level Position Data
    Dwight R. Sanders and Scott H. Irwin
  • The Effect of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program on Childhood Obesity
    Yiwei Qian, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr., Michael R. Thomsen, and Heather L. Rouse
  • Does Government-sponsored Advertising Increase Social Welfare? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation
    Carlos E. Carpio and Olga Isengildina-Massa
  • Agriculture Afforestation for Carbon Sequestration Under Carbon Markets in the United States: Leakage Behavior from Regional Allowance Programs
    David Haim, Eric M. White, and Ralph J. Alig
  • Commodity Storage under Backwardation: Does the Working Curve Still Work?
    Kishore Joseph, Scott H. Irwin, and Philip Garcia
  • Quantifying the Effects of Mexico's Retaliatory Tariffs on Selected U.S. Agricultural Exports
    Steven Zahniser, Tom Hertz, and Monica Argoti
  • Big Constraints or Small Returns? Explaining Nonadoption of Hybrid Maize in Tanzania
    Jonas Kathage, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw, and Matin Qaim
  • Food Security and Teenage Labor Supply
    Sarah Hamersma and Matthew Kim
  • A Wicked Problem? Cost Containment in the Women, Infants and Children Program
    Tina L. Saitone, Richard J. Sexton, and Richard J. Volpe III
  • A Meta-analysis of Food Demand Elasticities for China
    Danhong Chen, David Abler, De Zhou, Xiaohua Yu, and Wyatt Thompson
  • Too Busy to Eat with the Kids? Parental Work and Children's Eating
    Susan E. Chen, Anke Möser, and Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr.
  • Linear Symmetric “Fat Taxes”: Evidence from Brazil
    Rodrigo M. Leifert and Claudio R. Lucinda
  • Concentration Indices of Income-Related Self-Reported Health: A Meta-Regression Analysis
    Joan Costa-Font and Cristina Hernández-Quevedo
  • Bioenergy Supply and Environmental Impacts on Cropland: Insights from Multi-market Forecasts in a Great Lakes Subregional Bioeconomic Model
    Aklesso Egbendewe-Mondzozo, Scott M. Swinton, Shujiang Kang, Wilfred M. Post, Julian C. Binfield, and Wyatt Thompson
  • Crop Prices, Agricultural Revenues, and the Rural Economy
    Jeremy G. Weber, Conor Wall, Jason Brown, and Tom Hertz
  • Calorie Elasticities with Income Dynamics: Evidence from the Literature
    De Zhou and Xiaohua Yu
  • Supply Response, Marginal Cost, and Soil Erosion Implications of Stover-based Biofuels
    Juan Sesmero, Michelle Pratt, and Wallace Tyner
  • A Chat about Insurance: Experimental Results from Rural Bangladesh
    Daniel Clarke, Francesca de Nicola, Ruth Vargas Hill, Neha Kumar, and Parendi Mehta