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2017 Working with the Media Session


  • Jayson Lusk, Purdue University, AAEA President
  • Craig Gundersen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, AEPP Managing Editor
  • Sarah Muirhead, Reporter, Feedstuffs
  • Jeffrey Kittay, CEO and Founder, New Food Economy

Introductions (Play now)


Clip 1: Off the Record (Play now)

What is a good strategy for beginning a relationship the media? Panelists answer questions from members who are thinking about working with the media but haven’t taken that step. What about “off the record” and what does it mean for journalists and sources?

Clip 2: Resources and Publications (Play now)

How do journalists find their sources, and how does someone become a source? Panelists give advice to members about what resources they can utilize and how they can develop relationships with members of the media. Also, where can and should researchers draw the line between commenting on what could be considered a controversial topic or research.

Clip 3: Relationships (Play now)

Why a reporter cultivating a relationship with a source and a source cultivating a relationship with a reporter goes a long way. Advice on how best to interact with members of the media so you can be contacted as an expert again in the future – and why trust is key. What about reporter deadlines? What are reporters looking for when they reach out to a potential source?

Clip 4: Spectacular Statements (Play now)

Do you need to say something sensational or “over the top” to get attention from the media? Panelists on both sides discuss the fine line between being very technical versus translating your message to make them more digestible to the average, or, “lay” person. Do you need a “hot topic” to get a phone call from a journalist?

Clip 5: Viral Topics (Play now)

How can members and journalists determine what stories and topics might become a “newsworthy” story? What are the factors that lead to a story getting a lot of attention or “going viral?” Plus, how much is too much when it comes to providing information to journalists? Panelists talk about there’s a difference between answering questions and providing too much technical information that journalists can’t and won’t use.