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Conference on Economics of Inequity in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Systems

May 24-25, 2023 in Minneapolis-St. Paul University of Minnesota Campus Club

Submissions due February 20, 2023
Email submissions to; include the Presenter Detail page (linked at the bottom in "submit now") with abstract.

All agricultural and applied economists are encouraged to submit abstracts of papers for consideration to be included in the Conference on Economics of Inequity in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Systems.

Event information:
The organizing committee consists of the Co-Editors of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (Amy Ando, Marc Bellemare, Jill McCluskey, and Jesse Tack) and the President of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (Norbert Wilson). This small, focused conference will be held at the University of Minnesota’s Campus Club. The event will feature presentations by authors with time for constructive feedback, one luncheon with panel discussion by a set of invited researchers who are already experts in these areas of study, another luncheon with panel discussion by government officials concerned with issues of justice in agricultural, food, and environmental systems (AFES), and time for small-group collaboration and networking. Funding from USDA-NIFA and the AAEA will cover a large part of the lodging and travel costs for paper presenters.

Papers presented at the conference will be eligible for expedited review at the AJAE for a virtual special issue on the economics of equity in AFES, though acceptance of the paper for the conference does not guarantee acceptance of the paper for the journal. The event will build connections among economists working on these issues and with scholarly, government, and professional leaders. The result will be a network of durable new collaborations and research pipelines on critical topics in economics related to equity in AFES.

Examples of possible topics that would be relevant to the conference include, but are not circumscribed to: access to government support through agriculture policy for minority farmers; wage and health outcomes for farm laborers in marginalized groups such as immigrants and incarcerated people; the impact of industry structure on wage and health outcomes for laborers in food product processing and delivery industries; inequitable exposure of environmental degradation from agriculture; barriers to food and nutrition security faced by people in marginalized groups; and the differential impact of disasters on food access for people in different categories of income, geography, and race. Papers are not limited to research in the context of the U.S.

Abstract submission:

Please submit an abstract with the following information by February 20, 2023 by sending an email to with “Equity abstract” in the subject line:

  • Presenter name, affiliation, and email
  • Presenter position (e.g. graduate student, Assistant Professor, agency economist, etc.)
  • Names and affiliations of co-authors
  • Title of paper
  • 1000 word abstract

 Submissions will be evaluated according to the potential quality of the work, clear connection to the conference theme, novelty of topic, and empirical or theoretical contribution to applied economics. 

 Authors will be notified of acceptance decisions by the middle of March, 2023.

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