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Annual Meeting FAQ


How do I register for the meeting?

You can register for the meeting by visiting the Annual Meeting website. Registration opens in early March. There, you can either complete the online form or print a PDF version of the form and fax or mail it to the AAEA Business Office. AAEA accepts all major credit cards as well as checks for payment.

What does the cost of my registration include?

You will receive a name badge that gives you access to attend all the plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, and the Welcome Reception on Sunday night.

We also will have an Annual Meeting Mobile App available to download which includes all the program information.

Are there any meals included with my registration?

AAEA provides morning coffee breaks on Monday and Tuesday. Confirm all coffee breaks in the Annual Meeting app. The Welcome Reception on Sunday night which includes hors d'oeuvres and display stations. You also have the option to register for a luncheon or Pre-/Post-conference Workshops, at an additional cost.

Can my guest attend meeting functions as well?

AAEA encourages you to bring your spouse, friends, and/or family to the Annual Meeting. All such attendees must register as guests to participate in meeting activities. There is a $60 fee for guest registrations. Children under the age of 16 may attend the meeting for free and do not need to register.

Guests include any interested party not professionally in the field of agricultural economics or a related discipline. Registered guests are invited to attend the Welcome Reception on Sunday night at no additional charge.

Can I cancel my registration?

Yes. However, after the end of the Advance registration deadline, no refunds will be given for meeting registrations or special event tickets. To cancel your registration, contact the AAEA Business Office at (414) 918-3190 or Cancellations of meeting registrations are subject to a $50 processing fee.

Are registration waivers available?

Participants in sessions who are not members of the agricultural (and related) economics fields, and therefore not members of AAEA may be considered for a waiver of the meeting registration requirement on a case-by-case basis.

Ticketed Events

How can I buy tickets for special events?

When you complete the Annual Meeting registration form, you have the option to purchase tickets for special events during the meeting. If you would like to purchase tickets after you have registered, contact the AAEA Business Office at (414) 918-3190 or

Can I purchase tickets when I get to the meeting?

Some ticketed events will still have tickets available. Check with the AAEA Staff at the registration desk for specifics.

Sessions at the Meeting

What are concurrent sessions?

Concurrent sessions are educational sessions organized by AAEA members presented at the Annual Meeting. There are seven time-blocks during the meeting in which 20–30 of these sessions are presented concurrently. Sessions are categorized based on their format, including Invited Paper Sessions, Organized Symposia, Track Sessions, and Selected Paper Sessions. The Annual Meeting also features Poster presentations.

How do I submit a proposal for the Annual Meeting?

Calls for submissions for the Annual Meeting are released in the fall the year preceding the meeting. Depending on the type of proposal, submissions are due during the first week in December or mid-January. To submit a proposal, you must either be a current AAEA member, or pay a $25 submission fee.

Can I see what sessions will be presented before I arrive on site?

Yes. The program for the Annual Meeting is posted online as soon as it is finalized. You can also download our mobile app to view the sessions that will be presented. Both can be found on the Annual Meeting website when they become available.

How can I find out when someone is scheduled to present?

You can also download the mobile application and search a presenter's name. The app will list all presentation associated with his/her name.

The program for the Annual Meeting has information about each of the sessions being presented at the Annual Meeting. You can use the index in the program to find which sessions a particular person is part of.

Is research presented at the meeting published anywhere?

The Invited Paper Sessions presented at the Annual Meeting may be published in the proceedings issue of AEPP. All Selected Paper Presentations and Posters are stored online through AgEcon Search.


Where can I find help for creating a Poster?

You can visit the Poster Presentations page on the Annual Meeting website for information on how to create a poster, including examples and templates.

How do the Poster presentations work?

Each poster will be on display Sunday through Tuesday at the Annual Meeting. During the presentation time, attendees are able to interact with authors of the posters, and discuss their research with them. Poster authors do not give formal presentations.

Meeting Events

What are the Reunions & Receptions? Do I need to register for them?

The Reunions & Receptions are social gatherings hosted by universities and other institutions. All meeting attendees are welcome to attend, and you do not need to register beforehand.

How can I attend a Pre-/Post-conference Workshop?

You can register for a Pre-/Post-conference Workshops while registering for the Annual Meeting. You may also call (414) 918-3190 to register. Each workshop has a registration fee, which is used to help offset the cost of organizing the workshop.

What is the Employment Center? How does it work?

The Annual Meeting Employment Center is an online and on-site resource for employers to connect with applicants on specific open positions. Registered employers and applicants receive access to position listings and resumes before they reach the meeting. Then, employers and applicants can use the on-site Employment Center to connect and conduct interviews.

What are the plenary sessions?

Plenary sessions are usually lectures or speeches designed to appeal to all meeting attendees. They feature prominent speakers and are included in the price of your registration. The plenary sessions include the Gordon Rausser Keynote Address, the Fellows Address,  the President's Address, and the Galbraith Forum.

Who can attend the Welcome Reception?

All meeting attendees and registered guests are invited to attend the Welcome Reception on Sunday night. Attendance is included in the price of your registration.


Does AAEA have hotel rooms available for meeting attendees?

Yes. AAEA reserves blocks of rooms for attendees each year at local hotels. You can learn more about how to reserve a room in one of these hotels on the Housing page of the Annual Meeting website. Because we reserve rooms in bulk, room rates are typically lower than any other hotels in the area.

Does AAEA organize events for attendees outside the meeting?

AAEA does not organize specific events for attendees to take part in when they are not at the meeting. However, you can find information regarding attractions and restaurants in the city hosting the meeting on the Annual Meeting website.