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AAEA at the 2018 ASSA Annual Meeting

T.W. Schultz Memorial Lecture & Reception

Dave Donaldson, MIT

Friday, January 5
6:15 pm – 8:45 pm
Loews Philadelphia, Washington B

"Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Market Integration"

Dave Donaldson teaches and carries out research on topics at the intersection of International/Intranational Trade, Development Economics, Economic History and Environmental Economics.  He has studied, among other topics: the welfare and other effects of market integration, the impact of improvements in transportation infrastructure, how trade might mediate the effects of climate change, and how trade affects food security and famine.  This work has been awarded the 2017 John Bates Clark Medal, given by the American Economic Association to the US-based economist under the age of forty who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge, as well as an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and several grants from the National Science Foundation.  He currently serves as a co-editor at the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, as an editorial board member at the Journal of Economic Literature, the Journal of International Economics, the Review of Economic Studies, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and as a program director (for Trade) at the International Growth Centre.  A native of Toronto, Canada, Donaldson obtained an undergraduate degree in Physics from Oxford University and a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Reception will immediately follow the presentation

AAEA Networking Reception

Saturday, January 6
6:00 pm

Loews Philadelphia, Washington C


Friday, January 5, 2018

Behavioral and Experimental Economics Insights for Agri-environmental Challenges (Q1)

Paper Session
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Loews Philadelphia, PSFS
Chair: Paul Ferraro, Johns Hopkins University


  • A Survey of Behavioral Insights from Agri-environmental Economic Experiments: A Practitioner’s Guide

Nicholas Janusch, University of Delaware
Kent Messer, University of Delaware
Paul Ferraro, Johns Hopkins University
Leah Palm-Forster, University of Delaware

  • Auction Performance and Bidder Response to Quality Information and Conservation Action Choice in Multi-round Conservation Procurement Auctions

Simanti Banerjee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Marc Conte, Fordham University

  • Supporting Private Provision of Ecosystem Services through Contracts: Evidence from Lab and Field Experiments

Pengfei Liu, University of Connecticut
Stephen Swallow, University of Connecticut
Zhi Li, University of Connecticut

  • Farmers and Habits: The Challenge of Identifying the Sources of Persistence in Tillage Decisions

Steven Wallender, USDA Economic Research Service
Maria Bowman, USDA Economic Research Service
Peter Beeson, USDA Agricultural Research Service


E-commerce and the Agrifood Supply Chain (O1)

Paper Session
10:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Loews Philadelphia, PSFS
Chair: Thomas Reardon, Michigan State University


  • Formation and Evolution of Rural E-commerce Villages in China: Theory and Empirical Evidences

Yiwu Zeng, Zhejiang University
Hongdong Guo, Zhejiang University
Songqing Jin, Michigan State University

  • Food Waste and the Sharing Economy

Timothy J. Richards, Arizona State University
Stephen F. Hamilton, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

  • e-Marketing and Supply Chains

Liang Lu, University of California, Berkeley
Thomas Reardon, Michigan State University

  • Collective Reputation in Online Platforms and Private Quality Standards

Jill McCluskey, Washington State University
Jason Winfree, University of Idaho

Tax Reform and United States Farm Income (G0)

Paper Session
12:30 PM - 2:15 PM
Loews Philadelphia, PSFS
Chair: Jeffrey Hopkins, USDA Economic Research Service


  • The Impact of Proposed Tax Reform on Farm Businesses and Households

James Williamson, USDA Economic Research Service
Siraj Bawa, USDA Economic Research Service

  • Assessing the Returns to Farming for United States Farm Households

Dan Prager, USDA Economic Research Service
Sarah Tulman, USDA Economic Research Service
Ron Durst, USDA Economic Research Service

  • Tax Reform and Trade Policy

Jonathan Coppess, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Agricultural Production, Diets and Health (I0)

Paper Session
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Loews Philadelphia, PSFS
Chair: Andrew Dillon, Michigan State University


  • Animal Sourced Foods and Child Nutrition

Derek Headey, International Food Policy Research Institute
Kalle Hirvonen, International Food Policy Research Institute
John Hoddinott, Cornell University

  • Technological and Market Interventions for Aflatoxin Control in Ghana

Gissele Gajate Garrido, IMPAQ International
Vivian Hoffmann, University of Maryland
Nicholas Magnan, University of Georgia
Nelson Opoku, University for Development Studies

  • Measuring the Cost of Dietary Diversity: Novel Price Indexes to Monitor Access to Nutritious Diets

William Masters, Tufts University
Yan Bai, Tufts University
Anna Herforth, Independent Consultant
Daniel Sarpong, University of Ghana-Legon
Fulgence Mishili, Sokoine University of Agriculture
Joyce Kinabo, Sokoine University of Agriculture
Jennifer Coates, Tufts University

  • From Robustness to Replication: Repeated Study Designs to Establish Causal Agriculture and Health Relationships

Adedoyin Adesina, University of York
Oladele Akogun, Modibbo Adama University of Technology
Andrew Dillon, Michigan State University
Jed Friedman, World Bank
Sani Njobdi, Modibbo Adama University of Technology
Pieter Serneels, University of East Anglia

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Geography of American Despair and Declining Economic Opportunity (L0)

Paper Session
10:15 AM - 12:15 PM
|Loews Philadelphia, PSFS
Chair: Mark Partridge, The Ohio State University


  • The Polarization of the United States Labor Market and Deaths of Despair

Michael Betz, The Ohio State University
Lauren Jones, The Ohio State University

  • Explaining Spatial Disparities in Drug Overdoses, 1989-2014

Stephan J. Goetz, The Pennsylvania State University
Meri Davlasheridze, Texas A&M University

  • Economic Distress and Labor Market Participation

Heather Stephens, West Virgina University
John Deskins, West Virginia University

  • Road to Despair and the Geography of the America Left Behind

Mark Partridge, The Ohio State University
Alexandra Tsvetkova, The Ohio State University

Trade in an Environment of Increasing Economic Nationalism (F1)

Paper Session
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Loews Philadelphia, PSFS
Chair: Kathryn A. Boys, North Carolina State University


  • Trade Liberalization and Institutional Constraints on Moves to Protectionism: Multilateralism Versus Regionalism

Ian Sheldon, The Ohio State University
Daniel C.K. Chow, The Ohio State University
William H. McGuire, University of Washington-Tacoma

  • North American Production and Trade Patterns in the Absence of NAFTA

Kari E.R. Heerman, USDA Economic Research Service

  • Evaluating the Economic Impact of Brexit: ‘Fear-Mongering’ or Just a Matter of Degrees

Steve McCorriston, University of Exeter

  • The Road Not Taken: Agricultural Trade Without the GATT/WTO

Jason H. Grant, Virginia Tech
Kathryn A. Boys, North Carolina State University