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Frontier Session Call for Proposals

AAEA will revive the “Frontier Sessions” that were a standard feature on the program in annual meetings during the late 1990’s. A Frontier Session is a 90 minute session (scheduled at the same time as other concurrent sessions) during which an association member presents a lecture introducing an emerging topic or methodology, with approximately 30 minutes reserved for questions and discussion. Session topics and presenters in the 1990’s included:

  • “Principal-Agent Theory and Applications to Food and Agriculture” – Ian Sheldon
  • “An Introduction to Measure and Probability Theory: A Bridge to the Econometrics Literature” – Alan Kerr
  • “Integrating Ecology and Biology with Economics” – Steve Polasky
  • “Noncooperative Game Theory” – Rich Sexton

Frontier Session proposals should include: session title, name of the session presenter, a brief description of the session content and plans for stimulating discussion, and a brief justification for the topic as a Frontier Session. Proposals can be submitted by Sections or by individual members.  A successful proposal by a Section will not be counted as part of its track session allocation.

Proposals should be submitted using the online submission system by January 16, 2012. The AAEA President will make the final selection of a proposal. Notification on the status of proposals will be sent by early February.

You can submit your proposal using AAEA's online abstract system. You must be a 2012 AAEA member or pay a non-refundable $25 submission fee in order to submit to the 2012 Annual Meeting.