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What’s Happening with Hops?

Experts available on how booming brewing industry is leading to changes in farming

It’s no surprise to hear people around the world drink beer. In fact, there are approximately 100,000 different types of beer worldwide. In the United States alone, the Brewers Association estimates the beer market reached $105.9 billion last year.

And what does nearly every beer brewed around the globe have in common? Hops – a flower that’s been used for centuries to add flavor to beer and act as a preservative.

Because of the boom in the beer industry, especially craft brewing in the U.S., demand for hops is at an all-time high. 98 percent of hops in the United States is produced in just four states, but because of growing demand farmers in non-traditional states are choosing to give hops a chance as a cash crop.

AAEA members Thomas L. Marsh of Washington State University and Gnel Gabrielyan of Cornell University have each done extensive research on hops and the brewing industry.

To schedule an interview with either expert on how beer is starting a revolution in farm fields, please contact Jay Saunders in the AAEA business office.     

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