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“Unnaturally Delicious”

AAEA President-Elect Jayson Lusk Releases New Book

What do President Thomas Jefferson and George Washington Carver have in common with people creating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other so-called “super foods”?

It all has to do with how people are using science and technology to confront the ever-present problem with having enough food to feed a growing population.

AAEA President-Elect Jayson Lusk investigates today’s concerns and introduces you us to the new generation of innovators working on shaping the future of food. It’s all in his new book “Unnaturally Delicious,” released today by St. Martin’s Press.

“Thanks to innovation,” Lusk said, “today in the United States we produce 156 percent more food than was the case in the 1940s despite using 26 percent less land. Technological change allows us to break through nature’s barriers.”

“Unnaturally Delicious” provides an inside and in-depth look showing real-world solutions to both man-made and natural problems; looking at the past and the present as well as what the future may hold for our country’s food supply.

“It is true we have serious food and agricultural problems ahead. But it also true that adaptation and innovation will be needed if we want a vibrant, sustainable food future.”

Lusk, in addition to being President-Elect, is an AAEA Fellow and is a Regents Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University.

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